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Clouds - 2023

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Time to fire up a new thread for the New Year. Thanks for all the views in 2022. And as usual will be deleting 2022 as I go along to make room for the new images. Actually, I already have been deleting 2022 to make room.


First sunset of the new year that I could get to and was not a stratus fest

Starting off with the yellow. Taken with the 100mm...




The red starting to roll into the area. Taken with the 24-70mm at 70mm...




More of a wide angle view of the red. Taken with the 24-70mm at 47mm...


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Was a rather cold evening at the overpass today. But at least there was something to shoot.

Looking southwest. Taken with the 24-70mm at 47mm...




Looking north northeast. Taken with the 24-70mm at 24mm...


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Last week I got myself a late B-Day/X-mas present for myself. A new camera. I upgraded to one of the mirrorless Canon R5. I doubled my resolution by going from a 22Megapixel sensor to a 45Megapicxel sensor. The camera works great. The software to deal with the new CR3 files is giving me fits though. I must have a computer issue here that is causing all kinds of hang ups. Anywho, got to try out the neww hardware on a sunset here finally tonight. The stratus finally broke right around sunset.


Some crepuscular rays as trhe holes started opening up. Taken with the 24-70mm at 70mm...




Finally a spot of blue sky! It has been weeks it seems. Taken with the 24-70mm at 24mm...




Had a little bit of deep orange. Going to have to wait a bit longer to try out the red response. Taken with the 24-70mm at 50mm...


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