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2013 was major climate change

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I'd put the year as 2014?

We saw the interdecadal Pacific Oscillation turn positive ( so augmenting warming) and China continued to push on with its 'clean air initiative' lessening dimming directly downwind so lifting the pall from over the Pacific.

The 'faux pause' was part driven by that dimming ( allowing the IPO negative to go into overdrive burying heat in the upper ocean) so both reduced dimming and its flip positive gave a major shunt to global temp gains ( matching rates from the 80's/90's?) 

All of this played out in the confides of the impacts that low sea ice in the Arctic Basin placed on the polar Jet.


Here in the UK we suffered 'washout summers' from 07' to around 2013 when they began to ease off ( just as my kids grew up enough not to need 'entertaining all summer hols long!!)

Since 2016 we have increasingly seen High Pressure dominate our patterns.

I place the initial drops in Arctic sea ice , culminating in 07', as setting the Polar Jet so as to 'trough' to our west and then the 2012 drops in the basin to tweaking that pattern to now have a ridge to our north ( bringing in the settled .warm ,dry summers).


Again this year we see open water in the ocean entrances to the basin from the get go. So we are harvesting incoming solar from the get go guaranteeing another disturbed atmosphere this autumn/early winter as that heat is shed. 


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