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Greenland Melt Discussion

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Robert Rohde, who is a member of the Berkeley Earth project, tweeted that over the last 2000 years only 9 occurrences of melt at Greenland's highest point have occurred. 2 of 9 occurred with in the last 10 years so that is somewhat unusual.


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On 8/5/2019 at 11:44 AM, Gray-Wolf said:

Sadly many folk are now accepting the NeoLib capitalism is responsible for our wasteful assaults on our natural world and its resources but also that that global economics holds no solutions for our climate crisis either?

Those with most to gain from the current system are also the ones who have the most power over our world under this planet killing system?

They will not go anywhere near far enough to helping mitigate the woes to come but appear almost welcoming of it as a way to 'slim down' global population whilst leaving them firmly in control of a world that will then resume its consuming ways post the 'great dying'?

If you still have not seen enough to show you that only a globally concerted effort will be enough to start solving this nightmare then you do not have long to wait to find yourself so convinced.


Just hope it's not your hometown that is targeted by Mother N. in the next big advert for how bad things already are (with 35 yrs 'worsening ' already dialed into the climate system even it we halt polluting tomorrow!)


I wouldn't focused so much on that particular ( bold ) distinction..

Closer reality is the general profligate exploitation of natural resources shared by all technologically advancing cultures on the planet.  

The problem is a shared one, and is at a species level frankly.  It doesn't matter whether the culpability is rooted in Capitalism, Socialism... Communism... or some hybridized distinction in between.  All these industrialized societies have a footprint.  

It's part of the catch-22.  Our adaptation is ingenuity - our "Darwinian" edge in the primordial game of life and death.  Sorry...but at the rudimentary level, that's origin of whether one and/or the community, survives or does not survive.  Evolution doesn't take place in the absence of necessity... Thus, we've never, as a species, been required to consider how advantageous ingenuity would cause a problem.  How bad can sharpening a flint stone into a spear head really be?   Well, the same underpinning motivation for doing so is really no different than creating nuclear power plants, and guns, and vaccinations...and machinery to extract the fossil fuels to power electrical grids to heat edifices... and on and so on.  It's all the same ...You sharpen the spear, you eat meat... you live.  That's as far as any attending evolutionary check-and-balance ever came. 

As a digression... a lot of this strikes me as just the Universe.  Basically, nothing in nature is lost or destroyed?  Energy and mass ...they are merely converted from one form, into another form.  Based upon that simple, fundamental incontrovertible physical truism... we, as a species, cannot be proverbial and/or literally rich ... without some other thing(s) or some other place(s) taking a loss.

yeah....   interesting. And doesn't that sound remarkably similar.  When we thump over squirrels blithely en route to office jobs, powered along by our Greenhouse exhausting internal combustion engines... to building's that require enormous energy to maintain infrastructure... So that we can sign-off on order forms that appropriate the engineering of thousands of units of some petroleum-based plastic devices that end up on the shores (not even the stores) of the SW Pacific archipelagos  ...or worse, in the digestive tracks of unwitting marine animals, mullusks to mammals..., that's us taking ... And, it's entirely academic along that run-on blurb, who and/or what is losing.  That string of reasoning sounds "Neo lib -" but ... mm, the other societies take in their own way.

It's not really a NeoLiberal this or a Neocon that... or a Russian this or Chinese that... This is a species attitude of entitlement...  profligate, over Nature, and one that has always been there ( if one bothers to study basic anthropology ...). It's just that now we've become so hugely proficient, those losses can no longer merely be absorbed by the background - 

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