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  1. 18 hours ago, Birds~69 said:

    Outstanding! Caught 4  trout today (Opening day trout season)

    Gonzaga....final four basketball stuff.

    The crap on radar is virga for the most part. Took a stroll w/ solid "green" echos in my area and nothing. May want to inform the family member...


    Congrats on the trout - grass fed? (reference to Redsky's post).

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  2. Made it to 27F here last night, 28 the night before. Magnolias are toasted - it happens. (We did get a workout Thursday late afternoon trying to cover the white magnolia with a couple of 24ftx60ft frost blankets, but the wind laughed at us).

    Slowing warming up, 42F currently. Grass looks great, probably will need to mow it this week.

  3. 4 hours ago, ChasingFlakes said:

    Here's some philly banter.  Almost 2 weeks ago, on a Wednesday night there was a carjacking at gunpoint in my driveway.  My mom was on a date with a man she had recently started talking to.  They went out to an expensive restaurant in KOP and when he dropped her off, the second she got in the door, two guys came out from my front yard in ski masks and held a gun to the guy's temple demanding his keys, wallet, phone and car.  It was a less than 5 yr old jeep. Of course the police took over 30 mins to respond because Charlestown Township is under state police jurisdiction and theh were coming from Emeryville. 

    So far someone found his wallet up by Temple, which is where i went to college, and the state police were eventually able to locate the car. The theifs had switched another liscense plate onto the car of the same make/model.  The police surveilled the car and waited for the suscpects to get back in.  When they did the police tried to surround the car but everyone jumped out and the car was left in drive and it actually hit an officer.  

    That's pretty much the whole story as of now, they are doing finger prints and were able to get GPS location history on the car after they recovered it.  Staties said they were in some bad spots of philly, but haven't disclosed where the car was found or where the people took it in the time they had it.  I'm guessing Kensington based on where the wallet was found.  What we dont know is why they were targeted, if they were followed from KOP, if a jeep was the target or our township was the focus.  If you think about it Charlestown is a good township to do this in, theres no police force and the turnpike entrance is only 5-10 mins away with no police presence up to that point.

    Totally blows my mind, I was upstairs and didn't see anything.  Need to work on a surveillance system now, we just got a video doorbell but I feel like something mounted on the roof above the driveway would be even better.  Some crazy shit.

    Sorry that happened - glad everyone is okay, physically at least. Hope they catch whoever did it. Sounds like a crime of opportunity, but who knows, for now at least.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Birds~69 said:

    Haven't seen any stink bugs yet....spotted lantern flies are suppose to make a return though.


    Yeah we got the spotted lantern flies in a big way last year, not good for the walnut trees. Gonna try wrapping tape around the trunk sticky side out once they get started.

  5. 2 hours ago, CoolHandMike said:

    Story time because I need to put this down somewhere.

    Beautiful day outside, time for some early spring yardwork on our new house. I decided to try some stump removal for a bush I cut down last weekend. I'm guessing it had to be original to the house (30-ish years old) because the stratigraphy in that part of the yard is pretty interesting. From top to bottom: old mulch, red 3/4 stones, landscape fabric, large round stones, small river rocks, more landscape fabric, and then clean fill. The ginormous root cluster is oblong, about 1' x 6" and consists of multiple stumps fused together at the base. The cluster started just beneath the top landscape fabric and continues down and sideways throughout all the other layers.

    I think it's osage, judging by how dense the wood is and the color of the root bark. Digging around the cluster is frustrating because of all the rocks, fabrics, and dense-ass roots. Loppers can only get through the smallest; there are multiple 2-3" thick roots shooting off into the depths. I don't want to use my chainsaw to simply cut the stumps below grade because of all the rocks, and I have no way to pull it out.

    One trip to Harbor Freight and $40 later, I'm the proud new owner of a reciprocating saw. Which gummed up almost immediately. After repeatedly clearing the blade and attacking the stump from different angles, and actually getting some of the offending roots out of the way, I thought perhaps I had cleared enough dirt and rock to make some exploratory cuts with the chainsaw. I did manage to cut the cluster in half vertically with no issues, but I got greedy and tried to cut some more. Hit a rock and dulled the chain immediately thereafter. Great.

    So half the cluster is out, I've got a giant pit in my back yard, and my right arm, which I thought had recovered from a recent injury is starting to tighten up again, so I think I'm done for the day. Bush: 1 Me: 0

    The sucky part about all of this is that there is another stump just like this on the other side of my house. I might have to start getting inventive. I've got a whole woodshop full of tools, hmm... Maybe removing some material with a large wood boring bit might help... Oh yeah, I'm also going to have to put something over the hole for all that rain we're supposedly getting tomorrow. Dang. Still, a hella nice day to be outside, yardwork frustration notwithstanding. Anyway, thanks for reading.

    A sawzall (reciprocating saw) is the best for working around dirt, with either a woodcutting blade or a branch cutting blade. I've cut out roots through the dirt and all with a battery powered one. I tried it one time with my chainsaw, and that was the last. It's like if it even sniffs the dirt it's instant dullsville.

    I've used my s10 blazer with a hefty rope tied to the ball on the trailer hitch for pulling. One time I snapped a 3/8" rope and it sounded like an m80. I've used it to shake a large walnut tree one year when we had a bumper crop, had the rope tied off about 30 feet up, and actually felt the back end jump to the left a few inches when I gave it just a bit too gas, lol.

    Anyway, sounds like fun, lol, good luck and hope your arm is okay!

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  6. 1 hour ago, Birds~69 said:

    Thank God. People are such in a rush (even in this subforum) to jump into the 70s'+ and it's still March (avg 50s)...we already hit 80. The warm/hot weather will come eventually. We have the whole damn Summer! I hope April is super below average...stormy, windy and rainy. A flying cow or two would be nice...


    I'm okay with 60s through April, then 70s in May. I saw a lot of small bugs yesterday and thought of RedSky for some reason. I know he has issues with the stink bugs.

    I've been wondering if the lack of cold this winter will result in more bugs this year.

  7. 62F here currently. Beautiful day, great for working outside. 3 days in a row with shorts! Grass is starting to darken up, probably about 10 days away from mowing.

    Got some buds on some bushes and the silver maple, and magnolias and forsythia are getting ready to flower. Saw a couple of butterflies yesterday. Good stuff!

    Eta - just saw the overnight low Thursday night is forecast to be 28F here. Yikes. Time to think about frost blankets and bamboo poles for the white magnolia....

  8. 48 minutes ago, Wentzadelphia said:

    Pollen in the bush near my house. Ive lived here my entire life and this is first time I remember this. 


    Wow - guess Birds~69 won't be over this afternoon. What kind of bush is that? Almost looks like a tree, looking above it and behind. 

  9. 10 hours ago, Birds~69 said:

    Tonight may be the coldest night till Fall. Took a walk around 9:30pm and it was decently cold plus some nice gust at times...

    32F...predicted low 26F

    Could be (the coldest night till fall). I was remembering last spring seeing snow in the air at midnight on a Friday night somewhere around May 9th? That's a once in a long time thing so not expecting anything like that this year.

    Heard peepers one night last week at the tail end of the warm spell, and again 2 nights ago.

  10. 4 hours ago, Birds~69 said:

    It's going to take a massive hit starting tomorrow through next week. When I was in the shade today it felt like the 40s, once I stepped in the sun the rays were super strong. I may park my ass in the sun Sunday to see if I can get some color? Spring Equinox tomorrow (5:37am)....

    Tomorrow should be pretty nice too, sunny and 56 is the forecast for here. Currently 35F.

  11. 8 minutes ago, Birds~69 said:

    During winter combining snow piles is totally legal and binding. Once Spring arrives one must come to grips their beloved snowpile must pass....the acceptance phase.

    Thanks for the text. I'll add it to the binder.

    I'd better hurry though, there's about 2 or 3 wheelbarrows left (in the tipped over pile).

  12. 17 hours ago, MidlothianWX said:



    On 3/16/2021 at 1:00 PM, Wentzadelphia said:

    Hey guys, storm was kind of a bust in Estes Park. We got 16-18" I'd guess. It is beautiful out here though so no complaints. Just on and outside the mountains got absolutely pummeled. I would have actually done better if I had gotten trapped at the airport lmao. Thanks to all who donated to my gofundme. I'll post pics/vids when I get home. My flight is tonight around midnight. Another positive from the storm? I got over my fear of flying. So next year my range for chasing will drastically change and I will 100% chase some LES. Can't wait already. Living the dream!!

    Way to go! Looks like you may have gotten screwed by some Mexican dust if you read the text from MidlothianWX. Kind of hard to plan for that, lol.

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