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  1. WeatherNurse

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    It seems greedy to complain about 6" in mid-november, but I was really hoping for a fat foot out of this one! Still, yesterday's sloppy mess laid down the perfect foundation to get the natural trails open. Dropping ropes in mid november! Holy snowflakes!
  2. WeatherNurse

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    7" here on the valley floor before the change over. Now it's just straight messy and roof avalanching all over my cleared porch
  3. WeatherNurse

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    oh my goodness! that's devastating!!!!
  4. WeatherNurse

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    No chains, and to my knowledge - not 4WD. Bus stopped at the end of my driveway on a hill, only 6 minutes late, and got started without even a hint of a wheel spin. I was impressed. Haven't seen any social media reported accidents involving busses, but just because it turned out fine doesn't mean it was a good idea. Roads were **** well past the time a 2 hour delay would have put busses on the roads. Friday looks like a slam dunk snow day, and even if it's not, we're going skiing anyway lol.
  5. WeatherNurse

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    I got 7" here in Bartlett, NH before the change over to rain. Kids didn't even get a delay. Left a polite message for the superintendent wondering why he gambled with our children's safety. Plow guy JUST now made it to my house to plow me out!
  6. WeatherNurse

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    Yep - see my above post referencing that very winter. We already have more base than we did all winter in 15-16. And it's not even thanksgiving yet. I just hope Ma Nature isn't teasing us with this early season stuff only to yank away the goods during the actual season....
  7. WeatherNurse

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    I'm hoping for this thing to cancel school! We've had a very favorable early season up here with october snows. I'm hoping for more Snowvember! Already more snow on the ground than there was in February of '16.
  8. WeatherNurse

    March 2-4th ... first -NAO anchored storm perhaps in years

    I have zero idea what to make of this for the MWV/western Maine. Anyone got thoughts on that?
  9. WeatherNurse

    Blizzard 2018 Take II: The Firehose

    There’s still rain in the forecast for the white mtns but the way the forecast discussions are written sounds like we may hang onto all snow. The GYX winter weather site has most likely snowfall is 5-6” here in Jackson but on the high end 2’. I’d say low confidence indeed. Hoping for the wobble to go our way - we are seriously hurting for snowpack. 2’ would only bring us back to about a 2/15 level of snowpack. Dwindling fast without a stellar March.
  10. WeatherNurse

    Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    My woods are better!! And I know your woods....grew up in SE CT!!
  11. WeatherNurse

    Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    I’ve got maybe 2 NNE peeps in these threads. Where are the fellow north country weenies? Everyone hoping to jack down south can please redirect to the whites? Seems reasonable. What can you do with it there besides turn on a snowblower and send your kid out to shovel! Let’s get the bulk of this north. Then we can dine on Hefeweizen and bbq and talk about how fun it was. Final call for 11” on my side of the valley.
  12. WeatherNurse

    Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Lets keep that snow in Maine! Eye on the prize - Lewiston and Newry!!!
  13. WeatherNurse

    Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Agreed. My seat of the pants armchair observer intuition is going with 11” for my end of the MWV, more at wildcat.
  14. WeatherNurse

    Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Nowcast storm for sure! I would be happier with bit more certainty so I know whether or not i’m running the race training mom shuttle with 4 pairs of skis or the we’re outta here going freeskiing shuttle!! Basically, it’s all about me and which skis I have to load in the am You have a guess as to whether we get precip before 0500?
  15. WeatherNurse

    Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    I am picking up the same vibe and have for the entire discussion about this storm from GYX. It’s interesting to see that we’re still only looking at 8-10” in my area. They have shifted upward over last 12hrs to account for the hints at a more westward solution.