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  1. That’s the one. Lol I couldn’t remember.
  2. Return of the mysterious eastern poster from several years ago who posted the cryptic winter predictions. Something Dog was not?
  3. Lots of natural signs, squirrels gathering nuts, birds gathering in flocks, IHSA moving football to February and March ...
  4. I wasn’t a fan of W, voted for Obama twice. What we have now make both of them look tremendous.
  5. Again NO for the nws. The higher up appointees. Those who must kiss the ring yes, at least in the current banana republic. Under a normal president of any party no.
  6. That’s not quit right. June 5 is the late planting date for most of illinois. After that date you lose 3% a day of coverage. They can take prevent plant after the fifth. Soy beans late planting date is June 20.
  7. As is heard after every night time storm.
  8. I am guessing something on or right in front of radar. Still there now
  9. I would think the 12z gfs is looking pretty concerning for flood issues across Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Pushes the rain snow line north toward Canada with a wrapped up cutter. Lots could change, but that does look great for next Wednesday.
  10. Pattern sure looks ripe for flooding, if snow pack continues to build north and active pattern continues could be a long spring for river interests throughout the Midwest.
  11. Quit a bit of damage reports rolling in from Benton and DuQuoin IL