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  1. Major Hurricane Irma

    Actually about 5.5 million live in the metropolitan area. That doesn't necessarily mean the Miami proper.
  2. Major Hurricane Irma

    It is because it has smaller surface area. The larger the building the more pressure on the walls.
  3. 2017 Short/Medium Range Severe Thread

    I would assume sparse population and reporting network. That would be Salt Lake City, so highest population density.
  4. PTC Matthew

    You lost me at Mark Levin.
  5. September 2016 General Discussion

    The corn, for the most part, turned quickly because of disease. The humidity and rains have really hammered corn and caused a lot of disease issues this year.
  6. July 2016 General Discussion

    This July would not stick out in my area based on temperatures, being that there was some hot temperatures, it's been the humidity that has really caused it to be oppressive in southeastern Illinois.
  7. July 1936 Heat -- day by day

    I spoke once with a woman who had lived close to the railroad tracks that cut across rural Richland County Illinois. She was about 12 at the time and she talked about how she remembered her father and brothers having to run out to the fields when embers from the trains would start fires along the tracks. She also said they slept for days outside in the yard.
  8. May 7-14 Severe Possibilities

    It was a really, really great wall cloud. Just the best. When I am president we will only have the finest wall clouds and Mexico will pay for them. Donald Trump on Wednesdays severe weather outbreak.
  9. Tropical Storm Erika

    You remind me of Bagdad Bob who always insisted the US Army was no where near Bagdad as a tank drove behind him.
  10. July 2015 Discussion

    We have just had way to much rain over the too big an area to have a record corn yield. 2009 was wet and cool like last year, this year had been record wet. That's the difference IMO. I sell ag products in my area. I know of probably 10 percent of the corn fields that will be close to zero in our area. Beans maybe little higher acreage. With missouri in the mix I just don't see zny way to get to a record. Like I said trend line may be a better guess. I would also think corn climbs to 5 during harvest and beans go above 12.
  11. July 2015 Discussion

    This is not going to be a record corn crop. To much water damage for one and there is a lot of disease beginning to move into the area, which is early. Crop conditions reports have declined for three weeks. We will likely be closer to trend line if not a touch below.
  12. July 2015 Discussion

    Big heats been 200 hours out since May 1st.
  13. July 2015 Discussion

    You seem to be a big fan of warm weather. I just don't see it. Will probably end up close to normal because of night tome lows , but I can't see any real best coming.
  14. June 10-20 Heavy Rain/Storms/Remnants

    No real damage or sightings in Olney. But i was in West Liberty about 15 minutes ago. As I drove in to town from the east wind went from calm to howling out of the south east and then switched to the west. Raining so hard you really couldn't see anything.
  15. Earthquake

    There has been some research that would suggest one of the three big jolts actually occured on the wabash zone during the 1811-12 event. There is a large off set and several sand blows in the Carmi or Mt Carmel area.