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  1. We planted two seemingly hopeless Riesling vines (left for dead on clearance at Lowes... lol) last summer that have really taken off this year. Of course I now have the pleasure of trying to grow v. vinifera in the southeast and had my first introduction to black rot. Ironically enough, this brutal stretch of hot, dry weather afforded me the time to figure out that not all was right. Oops. Silver lining. No peaches or nectarines this year due to the temperature fakeout in February followed by the later freeze, but more than enough blackberries to make up for it... should be able to make (more than?) a few gallons of wine between the riesling and the blackberries. If anyone has suggestions on how to effectively use a ghost pepper or a carolina reaper I'm all ears. The thought of growing them is much more appealing than actually figuring out what to do when then actually grow! The rest of the garden looks happy, pumpkins in particular are doing quite well.
  2. Solid snow in West Knoxville. About time! Edit: and of course it immediately switches back to rain.
  3. ISU meteogram generator, but looking a little closer the snow totals don't seem to jibe with the map.
  4. 19Z RAP also gifts us with .25" of freezing rain, at least at TYS?... please no more of that.