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  1. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Thanks so much. Going to track snow in both spots (best I can as it's about 35 mile drive from my Edinboro home) next couple / three years til we build and move there permanently. I'm sure for most LES events and our occasional synoptic storm I'll stay up there. Most likely will put webcam at the cabin property as well.
  2. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Thanks WNash, 20 acres.
  3. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Thanks! Reports & obs I can handle, input on forecast - not so much...
  4. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Thanks so much. Really excited, little kid on Christmas level.
  5. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Was a factor for sure. Pondered a home purchase just north of Sherman about a year ago, but the commute and substantial extra bite out of each paycheck quashed that.
  6. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Thanks! Still is just inside the Erie County PA line, 2400' due east to Chautauqua county line.
  7. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Will lurk this sub-forum more in upcoming years, got a property with Cabin on the Erie PA / Chautauqua county NY line at 1765' elevation. Forecast for this spot is much more in line with that put out by BUF for Chautauqua Ridge area. Put up sale pending sign yesterday. Our forever home will be built here in a few years. Is 1.5 miles west of Peak N Peek & 1 mile north of the Wilderness Lodge resort. Incredible snow depth out there yesterday afternoon 14 days into March, considering snow was pretty much completely melted off at the end of February. Sale Pending About 300' off road, in front of cabin, upper thigh Side of cabin, four foot drifts Back covered porch, 2 feet on it or so Buried picnic table
  8. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Sale Pending! Upper thigh depth, just in front of cabin, about 300' back in off road Buried Picnic Table and benches 2 feet on back covered porch Four Foot drift along side of cabin - structure it is built on short stilts.
  9. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Yep, great spot. Snow Capital of Erie county. Will use the cabin for recreation place next several years, then build our forever home. South Ripley gets jack-hammered as well - being about half way between Ripley and Findley Lake, gets hit even with a wnw wind, especially if you are down toward County Touring Rte 6 road. Awesome area in general.
  10. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    5" today, 3.5" last night, and 1.5" yesterday - event total of 10". This March is now the second snowiest at a tidy 37.0" and only 2.6" needed to have my best March ever. Making this winter much better now than my opinion of it at the end of February. About 17" otg, best all winter. Speaking of deep snow, I went out to the property I am buying right along the PA/NY state line by Peak N Peek and The Wilderness Lodge resorts, 1765' elevation. Realtor let me put up the Sale Pending sign. I walked back to the cabin, snow was from over my knees to just below my waist. Incredible depth out there! Got some pictures that I may put up later. When I walked the property after the big thaw late Feb, it was pretty much down to grass, mud, a little snow here & there. Just an insane amount of snow they have received in the first two weeks of March for that current snow-depth. I'm certain though that it can't touch the Airport snowfall...
  11. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Thurs / Fri total of 10" + the 6" surprise from Weds. AM = total for week of 16". March total of 27", about 16" on the ground. By comparison, and this is the last time I will flog this equestrian beast, Airport said 4.8" yesterday (no way, maybe 2" at most), 31" for March (not a chance, I have gotten WAY more this month imby). I mean seriously, that 31" is about double of what I think has fallen this month at my work place just down the road. Finally, they report an "incredible" snow depth on the ground of just 6.5" - the lowest in the County from the spotters who reported last night. Their seasonal total of 187.5" is ridiculous. BuffaloWeather, unless you use one that I am unaware of, we really do not have a good radar for snow in NW PA. Our only local doppler from Jet 24TV has been down all winter, so they have been using a composite radar on their site. The composite images from Buf & Clev don't reach us so most of the time, especially with LES, so it looks like a snowhole over the whole county. I just use webcams to check out where it is snowing in our area: One at my work, on the top of the main lift hill of our roller coaster, Ravine Flyer Cam most often is pointed out showing the Peninsula - link is down now because we are getting an upgrade. Other webcams for Erie County are also on JET TV24 website with their SkyCam Network: http://www.yourerie.com/skycam. Has cameras from the Bayfront all the way down to Meadville.
  12. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    I am glad you guys are getting good snows, awesome and nice pics! Getting my fair share here, about 8" total from yesterday and overnight til this morning. University weather cam continues to show some snow. However, that is not my point of this post... In the grand scheme of things it is not all that important, but since my co-workers just laugh at me and my passion for snow, I am going to share with you fine folks. The Erie Airport snowfall recording is completely, totally, & hysterically inaccurate. I don't know how to illustrate it otherwise, so below is the screen shot of CLE Snow Reports from last night. Unless it is a typo, that top spot in Erie County at the Erie Airport of 6.1" is absurd. My employment is just down the road from there - it did not snow at all yesterday, some flurries from time to time and often partly cloudy. The idea that 6" of snow fell in the 12 hour window of 9am til 9pm on 3/8 is crazy. Heck, even thru this morning as of 9am - a 24 hour window - the total snow is about 2" max here where I work. I just further cements in my mind that the snowfall record for Erie this winter in nowhere near the number of inches listed.
  13. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Good call OHweather from your post about a day ago...Winter Storm Warning just hoisted for some inland locations for this afternoon into tomorrow afternoon.
  14. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    3.6" of mostly fluff since last night. Easier to move and clear than yesterdays for sure. 17.0" for March thus far.
  15. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Thanks! Was quite taken aback at the amount upon opening the garage. Another note regarding this snowfall - the snowbelt actually got an appreciable amount, while the lakeshore only had an inch or two. About the first time this winter for that dynamic...finally some normalcy.