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  1. Is that really a PDS severe thunderstorm watch I see? Don't think I've ever seen one of those outside of derecho events.
  2. KC storm looks to be tightening up again. Edit: Now tor warned
  3. Looks like it tracked right over Chapman, they got hit hard in 08.
  4. That tornado warned storm for North Tulsa has quite an inflow notch right now. Terrible timing considering how many are likely commuting. Edit: Tornado confirmed.
  5. Crosbyton cell needs a tor warning.
  6. One of the AFDs mentioned things would start elevated before progressing into a surface-based threat.
  7. My backyard is under at least an inch of water. Just planted my pepper plants too...
  8. Man, what an absolute cluster**** today turned out to be. Can't fault the SPC too much, today was a very complex and hard to forecast setup.
  9. Man, flooding could get particularly problematic today, so many of these areas are already so saturated.