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  1. Coldrain

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Hoping to eek out something for SEVA but it’s a long shot this early in the game. We are most likely to be the ugly middle sister with 35° rain.
  2. Coldrain

    PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Snowing steadily here in Penn Quarter DC.
  3. Coldrain

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Sure did. It waffled back and forth for about and hour and a half between rain, sleet, and snow before it finally stayed snow.
  4. Coldrain

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Change over occurred here in Great Bridge/Hickory area of Chesapeake about 40 minutes ago. 32.5° About a half-inch on the ground so far.
  5. Coldrain

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    I hope not. I can’t take another one like beginning of Dec where we got dumped on with 38° rain while the rest of VA had snow.
  6. Coldrain

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Zero in SEVA. That was painful watching the rest of the state of VA, TX, MS, GA get snow and missing out by a few degrees with all that moisture in place. Viewing the snow cover maps was cruel and unusual punishment.
  7. Coldrain

    Winter Storm 1/6 - 1/8, 2017

    Most definitely. It's always a nail biter here in SEVA.
  8. Coldrain

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    I know it's crazy. I'm snowcationing from HR in Short Pump for this event. Went out sledding and the sleet was brutal. This pic says it all. What's you're thinking from here on out?
  9. Coldrain

    Pre-storm Banter Thread

    Since ORF is left out in the cold on this one, I'm looking for recommendations for the best area to chase/snowcation for the weekend without getting buried alive and be able to drive back with a 4WD vehicle Sunday night. What locations do you guys think might be best?
  10. Coldrain

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Agreed. The lines on every model run are unbearable.
  11. Coldrain

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    NOT me!