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  1. snowmiser

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Just measured 10" in King William, VA. Not bad considering we were in the trace to 4" range. Fattest flakes if the day coming down now. [emoji173][emoji300] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. snowmiser

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Heavy small flakes in King William County. Sticking quickly... you have to love a frozen ground! Nice to see some winter action. Enjoy.
  3. snowmiser

    SW/Central/SE VA Disco

    Flurries in King William County. 15.4 degrees/dewpoint 4.
  4. snowmiser

    SW/Central/SE VA Disco

    Nice, Midlo!! But I'm jealous. Hope we see a lot more in the coming weeks.
  5. snowmiser

    SW/Central/SE VA Disco

    it's been snowing in the King William area since about 2am'ish. Just started sticking about an hour ago. Pleasantly surprised.