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  1. 6" and still puking silver dollars as of 8:00a north of highway 11 in Gaffney near the NC line. The sleet line is close but not quite here yet.
  2. 2.5" North of Highway 11 in Gaffney, SC near the NC line and still snowing hard. Temp is 27 and still falling.
  3. I think they wrote that near term part at 2:45, the discussion came out at 3:37a. Sleep deprived I didn't pay attention to it lol.
  4. Light snow is falling North of Highway 11 in Gaffney, SC (about 1 mile from NC line). Temp is 35 and falling and a steady 5-8mph wind from the NE.
  5. I think everybody would take that and run if it was all snow.
  6. Exactly and it is so close to being a monster of storm but that is part of getting snow in the southern states everything has to line up perfectly down to the stars it seems like.
  7. Looks like 8-9 hours of snow then a changeover and probably a change back to snow after hour 60.
  8. GSP Short Term...doesn't sound good for ZR amounts in the current thinking for most outside the mountains.
  9. This is the Experimental Winter Storm Outlook (WSO) from the NWS. It somewhat lines up with some of the snow call maps I've seen so far. https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/wwd/wso/index.php?id=GSP
  10. I believe that peach color to the east of Asheville is the Mt. Mitchell area. Looks like a nice 25-30" event there on that run.
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