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  1. Moderate freezing rain and 27.9 in Lothian, MD, southern AA County started as moderate snow around 4:30 and picked up a half inch. Flipped to rain then dry slot, but now steady rain.
  2. I’m at 2.5” storm total in Lothian, about 10 miles east of DC. Flurries right now and I wish that band over DC would move east. Glad they’re getting in on the action but I’m a little jealous right now!
  3. Snow tapering off in Southern AA county. Snowed lightly since 7:00 am. 1/2” so far and temps rising now at 32.1/30. Up from 29 at 7:00
  4. Currently 30.7 and 15. Down from 34 at 5:00 pm
  5. I’m in Perry ,WV 15 miles west of Woodstock ,VA and I 81 and I’m at 2200’ Temp has help between 22 and 24 all day. 9” earlier then snow stopped three hours ago then we got a half inch of sleet. Now back to heavy snow with 2” additional. I hope it keeps going for a couple more hours.
  6. Sun just popped out here and snow stopped. I’m about 20 miles west southwest of Winchester, and directly west of Woodstock, VA by 15 miles. We have 9” now it’s been roughly 23 degrees since 11am. 2200’ elevation
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I hope so. It’s the most snow I’ve seen in 4 years, like many in the forum and I don’t want it to end. digging out will be rough. I’ve got a mile long steep driveway through GW Natl forest I’ll have to clear before I can get out. But that just means I get to enjoy it longer.
  8. 7” now in Perry WV. About 15 Miles west of 81 and Woodstock, Va, at 2200 feet. Was dumping snow and has now slowed to moderate. temp/DP 23/21 I have very limited internet and can’t see if anything’s else is heading my way or the storm evolution. Should I still be expecting more later on out this way? Thanks for any input.
  9. Perry, WV. 15 miles west of Woodstock, VA and I 81 heavy snow and 4” on the ground. Super small flakes, the proverbial “cold smoke” so happy I decided to leave SoMD and ride it out here temp/DP 24/22 coming down hard now at about 1.5” per hour
  10. Steady moderate to heavy snow in Trout Run Valley, WV. 15 miles west of Woodstock VA and I-81 Elevation 2209 Temp/DP 23/21 Snow 1”
  11. I’m in Lothian, MD, at the very southern tip of Anne Arundel County and my temps are now rising which is surprising to me. When snow started we went from 34/24, dropped to 28/26 at the lowest point but now back up to 32.6/29 and it’s still snowing moderately. Hoping this trend doesn’t continue.
  12. 1.56 today, 2.12 for the event so far and an annual total of 81.36.
  13. .68” here today in Lothian, MD, and 74.86” for the year so far. Last year we ended with 36.12 for annual total. Feel like I’m living in Seattle.
  14. That’s crazy. Seems like that big line of storms moving north is shifting a little east of me now. I hope we get a little break to give me time to finish building my ark.
  15. 3.67 inches since 8:00 this morning in Lothian, MD. Total since 8:00 am Saturday 16.43”. Areas of our farm are flooded that have never been in the last 30 years.
  16. I’ve had 7” inches in Lothian, MD in southern AA County. Was under yellows most of the day and now just light to moderate snow. 32/30dp
  17. Sitting at 5” currently under heavy snow in Lothian, MD, Southern AA County. Temp 32 and dp 30
  18. -4.1 at 7:00 am. Currently 1