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  1. I would even go to Southern ORH hills
  2. Following closely, coming up for Holiday week next Friday and need to figure out how much cold weather gear to bring.
  3. Is the trend towards more seasonal temps as we head into Thanksgiving?
  4. It's 88 here in S FL; I will welcome cooler weather
  5. Those are the types were SNE pulls out a ping fest or some icing and CNE snows.
  6. Have there been any major icing events in Nov?
  7. Early Nov 2004 or 2005 gave us a couple inches in NE CT
  8. Tallahassee was 49 this am while we were 74 in S FL; crazy gradient
  9. 2 houses in Woodstock CT suffered damage due to trees falling on them.
  10. Still not used to 85 degree Halloweens dressed in short s and flip flops
  11. Looking at the Eversource outage nap it seems to be scattered over CT and Eastern Ma
  12. I think this over performs wind wise in hills of RI and E CT
  13. Going stronger, E CT Hills into RI will gust to 65