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  1. Modfan

    Is Tropical Storm Michael a threat to New England???????

    So I have been working in the FL Pan Handle (pretty much just east of Tallahasse SW to Panama City. I worked Panama City Saturday and Mexico Beach yesterday; the destruction is just unbelievable and thats putting it mildly. The only comparison I have is Brimfield and Monson after the Tornado but spread over a 100 mile area vs 1 mile wide path. We worked putting temp communications at the DPW yard, the yard is about a block and a half from the Ocean and the water line in the garage was 3 1/2ft! The storm surge combined with the wind just left a landfill of debris blocks north. Just crazy to see! I have a question for mets, I noticed tree damage north of Mexico Beach towards Blountsville where pine were snapped half way up toward the east and others in same tree line bent like heavy snow or ice damage; is this eye wall damage? The little towns north of the coast like Blountsville are hit hard and locals were seemed to think a lot od damage is from tornadoes. Folks spirits are hard hit but I am seeing a lot neighbors helping neighbor attitudes. Like in Houston with the Cajun Navy they have started the Chainsaw Army to help people clear trees from on their houses and driveways. Anyone with a saw or tarping skills there is a lot of people need. That's all for now, sorry so long.
  2. Modfan

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    Any potential hydro issues with remants of potential Michael next weekend?
  3. Modfan

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Nice line near Tolland/UCONN
  4. Modfan

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Gonna busy evening commute on the Merrit
  5. Oh no, hoping everything goes ok.
  6. Not sure how far away they start Strike Teams, but I believe I heard Leominster responding which would be Dist 8 (Northern Org County)
  7. Modfan

    Hurricane Florence

    I was thinking of a more direct hit in that area vs the Matthew track along the coast lol!
  8. Modfan

    Hurricane Florence

    Looks like my idea of a GA/SC hit looking better.
  9. Modfan

    Hurricane Florence

    I think this goes close to Savannah/SC line, SW trend not done
  10. Modfan

    Hurricane Florence

    Does the disturbance near the Keys influence a more North or South track?
  11. Modfan

    Hurricane Florence

    Is this the start of a trend further south?
  12. Modfan

    Hurricane Florence

    I agree....I would however split that and say a mid GA coast to SC line as a possible LF. The early. UKie runs had this to the N FL area which peaked my interst seeing how well it performed with Irma. We'll see how that works the next 2 days.
  13. Modfan

    Hurricane Florence

    UKie early on Showed a N FL/GA line hit; I think will compromise and see a mid GA coast to SC line landfall. Do the remains of Gordon and Florence pose any flooding concerns for SNE? I know Hartford west in CT had a very wet August
  14. Modfan

    Hurricane Florence

    I was thinking that this could very likely go to GA/SC border; will have to see what today and tomorrow brings.
  15. Modfan

    Hurricane Florence

    Wouldn't get locked onto one model just yet; during Irma GFS and Euro had two different out comes; both ended up off with their tracks and Ukie end up nailing the track.