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  1. 76/58 with T storm nearby as front is on my door step down here in S FL. Great temp gradient down here, 34 with snow in Pensacola and 79 in Miami.
  2. Fwiw. Down here in S FL it is pretty humid here pre frontal passage tomorrow; can already see moisture streaming up south of Lake Okeechobee; not sure how that translates for more amped system up there.
  3. We had a decent one in early 90's in S ORH county of heavy wet snow; brought down a lot of tree limbs. I remember driving that night dodging falling trees/limbs, good times!
  4. Thanksgiving 85 I remember it was a cold heavy rain that turned into pinged fest in S Worc County; it was an awful morning for football!
  5. You'll be cutting the lawn while Houston sees snow!
  6. If I remember correctly I believe Christmas that year was very cold; I remember trying out my new sled and how cold it was sledding.
  7. Florida Power & Light crews staging in Port St Lucie, en route to CT & ME to help with repairs
  8. Are you still AN the week of the 23rd or do fronts bring season temps?
  9. I wouldn't right this off just yet; models had Irma on the East coast of FL an s it went West. With the amount of tree canopy hanging over power lines and roads in New England it won't take much wind cause problems.
  10. A little Irma update from Jupiter area of S FL; tornado warnings have been no stop around us and to the north in St Lucie County and Indian River county. Someone in Ft Pierce/Vero are will see 14-18" of rain as they rotted under a band for a while. Bands continue to rotate in off the coast.
  11. What is the UKIE showing; I believe it had a good handle on Matthew last year hugging the FL East Coast
  12. Stores are crazy down here; glad I shopped yesterday. Won't lie, prospect of this makes me pretty nervous; Matthew was a 4 we just missed.
  13. Its been what you expect; showing all possible model examples. My neighbors here are already firing up generators, filling gas cans. The local Wal-Mart ran out of water last night. People are preparing for the possible hit.....
  14. I'm still thinking that my area here in S FL is as much of a threat as the NE at this point. Treating it as a threat until it passes north of this area.
  15. Looks like anywhere from Key West to Killingly is game on until earlier next week; it will be interesting to track. I am in Dallas for work and I have to come home over the weekend and make sure my Hurricane kit is in order.