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  1. Round 1 model fail? Temps in S ORH county and NE CT rotted at 33.....Need more drain today for any frozen
  2. I've have been watchng temps NE of Kevin and steadily dropping from 38 to 34 in last couple of hours
  3. I think this gets extend south for the rest of ORH county and norther Tolland and Windham Counties. Models have been showing pocket of heavy icing in and around Union, Stafford, Woodstock
  4. It was almost 2 hours ago, down to 40 now, same as every other station in town or in Union
  5. Woodstock CT 44/22; Dew point has dropped from 24 to 22
  6. Why does HREF ice model treat the Quinebaug river valley in Easten CT like it's the CT River valley? Decent hills from Thompson to East Killingly, Pomfret and Woodstock
  7. Dew points in NE CT hovering around 23-25; lets see how much they rise today
  8. I think icing might over perform S ORH county to NW RI, or it is ping fest will have to watch to see how it plays out
  9. Looking at local stations in S ORH county and NE CT dew points down to 24/25 tonight; those forcasted above 32 tomorrow?
  10. Are the Hills in Eastern Windham County in CT not good for ice Accretion? Woukd seem like from Thompson down to East Killingly right down to Ginxy could do well in this set up. Btw- 3-4" of rain down here in the last three hours; I know how western NY feels with Lake affect bands accept this is winds off the ocean over the gulf stream and its not white!
  11. When is the last time SNE had an area wide Ice Storm?
  12. I recommend at least a 8000 Watt. If you want bigger and better look here.
  13. Merry Christmas to you all from the S FL New England group!
  14. If it holds together looks like it might clip northern end of Woodstock