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  1. WFFaithful

    March 2019 Observations

    I saw a few flurries this morning.
  2. WFFaithful

    December 8-10 Winter Storm Obs

    There is a map on page 57 of this thread.
  3. WFFaithful

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Wilmington gets another 6" of rain before the end of the year on the FV3.
  4. WFFaithful

    December 8-10 Winter Storm Obs

    I find it hard to believe, but the HRRR gives you another 11".
  5. WFFaithful

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

  6. WFFaithful

    December 2018 Obs

    I was surprised to see some flurries in the Triad.
  7. WFFaithful

    March 2017 obs

  8. WFFaithful

    January 2017 Obs

    True. These 2 stations were also were near zero: https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=KNCADVAN7#history https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=KNCMOCKS15#history I do wonder what accounts for the variance.
  9. WFFaithful

    January 2017 Obs

    Got down to -1 around 5 am. Temperature rising since then. It really would have dropped without the clouds that rolled in last night.
  10. WFFaithful

    Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    Ended up at -3. Backyard thermometer read -6, matching the lowest I've seen in 8 years on that thermometer. I believe that was too cold as several neighbors had -3. 11 degrees on the backyard thermometer now. We will see how low we get tonight.
  11. WFFaithful

    Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    9 degrees at local Weather Underground station 5 degrees on backyard themometer
  12. WFFaithful

    Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    My backyard cheap thermometer reads 8, but I feel that is low as the closest weatherunderground station shows 14
  13. WFFaithful

    Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    Looks delicious! 8 inches here. Temps are dropping like a rock. 18 degrees
  14. WFFaithful

    Winter Storm 1/6 - 1/8, 2017

    Snow returns are not that heavy.