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  1. I saw a few flurries this morning.
  2. There is a map on page 57 of this thread.
  3. Wilmington gets another 6" of rain before the end of the year on the FV3.
  4. I find it hard to believe, but the HRRR gives you another 11".
  5. I was surprised to see some flurries in the Triad.
  6. True. These 2 stations were also were near zero: I do wonder what accounts for the variance.
  7. Got down to -1 around 5 am. Temperature rising since then. It really would have dropped without the clouds that rolled in last night.
  8. Ended up at -3. Backyard thermometer read -6, matching the lowest I've seen in 8 years on that thermometer. I believe that was too cold as several neighbors had -3. 11 degrees on the backyard thermometer now. We will see how low we get tonight.
  9. 9 degrees at local Weather Underground station 5 degrees on backyard themometer
  10. My backyard cheap thermometer reads 8, but I feel that is low as the closest weatherunderground station shows 14
  11. Looks delicious! 8 inches here. Temps are dropping like a rock. 18 degrees