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  1. Mountain West Discussion

    I would love to get the thoughts from folks here on eclipse viewing along the Mtn West path of totality through NE, WY, ID and OR. We will be in WY and this constant rain is a bit worrisome. On another note, Fort Collins just had one of the strongest 30 minute blasts of rain I've seen probably all year. The city rain gauges show 0.75"/30 minutes near our house.
  2. Mountain West Discussion

    In Fort Collins, west of Drake and College got hit really hard and some very large trees/limbs came down. Probably the biggest was half of one of the biggest cottonwoods in Colorado. See below:
  3. Mountain West Discussion

    We just had the first thunder snow I've experienced in a long time! Large trees are breaking apart, this is going to be messy. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. Mountain West Discussion

    CSU just announced they are closing early due to falling tree limbs. Campus will close at 12:30.
  5. Mountain West Discussion

    It's absolutely dumping huge flakes in Fort Collins. Some of the trees already look stressed by the snow. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  6. June 1st-6th Severe Events

    Tornado warned now, with confirmed one on the ground near Berthoud per Channel 7.
  7. June 1st-6th Severe Events

    That is an outstanding image. I tried to get out to get this image but was too slow and missed the light. So glad you caught it!
  8. Mountain West Discussion

    7 News is nearby on their live stream here: http://www.thedenverchannel.com/live
  9. Mountain West Discussion

    KDVR is streaming live coverage of the storms here: http://kdvr.com/on-air/live-streaming/
  10. Mountain West Discussion

    I did go outside and it started out as rain/graupel/ice/snow mix at my location in central FOCO and finished up as snow.
  11. Mountain West Discussion

    It seems for years now I have taken a photograph of a rainbow on July 4th, not looking too likely for this year. Too bad, a week ago it looked like the rain might have continued all through the week. Sure hope we avoid any new fires from folks lighting off fireworks. I processed another of that storm that pounded Fort Collins. I think Chinook might like this one better because it was after the sun had gone down and the funky sunset glowy colors objected to in the first post (they were really there, some of the strangest light I've seen) are not on this one: Organically Grown Fireworks by Fort Photo, on Flickr
  12. Mountain West Discussion

    It isn't on the summit, if you look on the linked image map on fickr you can see pretty close to where I was. It's in a former burn area and thus there are wide open views like this.
  13. Mountain West Discussion

    I was lucky to be on top of Storm Mountain west of Loveland for the Friday night storms and was able to get some great photos as the Fort Collins hail storm came into my location as it moved south. I've only had time to process one but thought folks here might enjoy: Storm Mountain Tempest by Fort Photo, on Flickr
  14. Mountain West Discussion

    TOR-warned cell in Denver and Adams County basically east of Aurora. This has potential to effect DIA. Screen cap from @CodyCrouch on Twitter.
  15. Mountain West Discussion

    It looks like a solid chance for strong winds and maybe some dry t-storms with powerful outflow for the burn area today per NWS. Any thoughts from the mets on how things will develop around the Black Forest Fire today? Already the most destructive CO wildfire with 360+ homes gone, I fear with the addition of wind it could get much worse this afternoon again.
  16. Moore, OK Tornado 5/20/2013

    ESRI (the folks behind ArcGIS) also have a package out now: http://tmappsevents.esri.com/website/swipe_moore/
  17. Moore, OK Tornado 5/20/2013

    Excellent suggestion. Another great resource is Charity Navigator, and they already have a page up for the Moore tornado: http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=content.view&cpid=1567
  18. Moore, OK Tornado 5/20/2013

    I was thinking the same thing and just noticed this on the NWS SPC:
  19. Mountain West Discussion

    Good 8"+ on the grass at my place in central Fort Collins. Steady snow with finer flakes than last night when it was snowing potato chip flakes. I get the feeling FOCO really took the brunt of this storm for cities along the Front Range..
  20. Mountain West Discussion

    Looks like they have upgraded the Fort Collins metro to a Winter Storm Warning with up to a foot of snow expected! What an amazing spring for snow!
  21. Mountain West Discussion

    The snow is really cranking in Fort Collins again, wow! Very low visibility. By the way, I heard the reason for the dirty snow was a large dust storm in the Four Corners area that was sucked up by the storm as it came in. I imagine it led to the snow melting a bit quicker otherwise.
  22. Mountain West Discussion

    Wow, Colorado State University is closing at noon due to the snow (where I work). They don't close up all that often, really speaks to the power of this storm!
  23. Mountain West Discussion

    I just noticed this on the NWS Weather Story page for today, http://www.crh.noaa.gov/wxstory.php?site=bou
  24. Mountain West Discussion

    We are getting some nice heavy snowfall again in Fort Collins, what a great spring for snow!
  25. Mountain West Discussion

    Channel 7 weather just reported a bit over 18" for Fort Collins, wow! Trying to remember if anything last year compares, but this is certainly by far our biggest snow this winter.