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  1. ...Middlesex County...
    East Brunswick Twp           2.21 in   0650 AM 09/24   COCORAHS
    South River 0.3 WSW          2.07 in   0630 AM 09/24   COCORAHS
    Highland Park                2.05 in   0730 AM 09/24   COCORAHS
    Woodbridge 1 ESE             1.92 in   0700 AM 09/24   COCORAHS
    Metuchen 0.5 E               1.85 in   0700 AM 09/24   COCORAHS
    Edison Twp 1.9 N             1.57 in   0700 AM 09/24   COCORAHS
    South Brunswick Twp 3.1 NW   1.57 in   0700 AM 09/24   COCORAHS
    Middlesex 0.1 ENE            1.55 in   0800 AM 09/24   COCORAHS
    Plainsboro Twp 1.8 ESE       1.54 in   0700 AM 09/24   COCORAHS


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  2. 2 minutes ago, the_other_guy said:

    you need to get under a band. It’s very scattered for most of us just a little drizzle or nothing at all but if one of those slow moving bands come.

    The radar will fill in once the upper level low swings through this afternoon 

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  3. 22 minutes ago, winterwx21 said:

    .72" here. Getting into a good break now ... looks as if it's mostly over for today (just drizzle and a couple more showers). The rain never got very heavy here, but a lot of light to moderate rain. Lasted a long time so it added up to a decent amount. 

    Probably a much more significant amount of rain tomorrow. As you said, good timing on a football weekend. We'll be enjoying a football Sunday tomorrow, so won't care much about the weather. 


    Yup. Thinking we could get to an inch before tomorrow but we would need some banding help. 

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  4. 11 minutes ago, weatherpruf said:

    It was very light at Menlo early.. I was able to do most of my walk outside. By 10 am it was raining steady and that wind, while not gale force here, has got to be horrendous offshore.

    Glad you got your walk in before the heavy stuff. Great weekend for football 

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