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  1. Hey Bristow, gfs says we might be able to bbq outside super bowl weekend...mid 60s baby!!
  2. I mean I grew up in Takoma Park and also lived in Woodbridge so I know how it is to be on the wrong side of storms.
  3. Not to mention things appear to be juicing up again...not seeing the bone dry expert posts much
  4. All of these years I just thought you liked rain
  5. I think LWX has a decent handle on this. Certainly the nams hrrr and rgem appear to be the top end solutions for whatever that falls. I mean I'd much rather follow something 12 hours away than 7 days.
  6. The Packers lost so I'm happy
  7. Ahh the old blame it on the refs line....got it
  8. Nothing but expert analysis and positive attitudes and just a good old time....a regular hootananny
  9. Dang those morning runs look decent right...I mean...are they all wrong?
  10. Is there anything from that run that we can use?
  11. And just got the ball back...yeesh
  12. We haven't heard about the such a narrow swath of snow statement in awhile
  13. I want the NAM to be right just to make CAPE look silly
  14. At least the breath mint has two balls
  15. My company is based in Wisconsin and my packer fan company workers are crying foul. I'm loving it! P.S trade Cousins for Stafford
  16. It's like you're getting some money if it doesn't snow