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  1. God I hope the margins are ok
  2. I thought the GFS sorta looked that way as well and was a ton of rain prior
  3. Thought I saw snow but I'm behind a truck hauling hay...darn
  4. I bet he chews his lip skin off he's so uptight
  5. My question stands... a 32 degree storm in 66 is snow but a 32 degree storm today is rain? Because as phrased in the long range thread that's how it sounds. I suppose what you're trying to say is that same storm track wouldn't be able to produce those temps today? On the surface that's a pretty silly argument because in simplest terms that storm was 32 and this storm would be 32 any other temp today is your speculation and opinion and to be clear I'm one who believes in the acceleration of CC. You guys are just yelling fire in a crowded theater. Above statement is the opinion of myself and Leesburg 04 only and does not in any way reflect the opinion of anyone associated with them.
  6. So I can understand a snowstorm in 66 at 32 degrees would be a rainstorm at 32 degrees today?
  7. There was a nice storm in January 66 in the east that resulted in my birth in September of 66. Depending on who you talk to that was an outstanding winter
  8. Winter really has become a joyless season
  9. He didn't post it in here he's doing his usual bs in the main thread...he's insufferable
  10. .59 overnight 52 degrees currently
  11. You mean El Nino isn't generally warm in December?
  12. way too many people who fancy themselves as the authority and having the ability to predict the future. Bunch of Nostradamus up in here
  13. Welp....here we are in mid December already Happy New Year everyone hope you have a special person picked out for Valentine's day and don't forget Easter is in a few weeks. Shame it didn't snow this winter I used to love snow...still do I just don't remember what it looks like anymore...oh well maybe next year. Have a good weekend don't eat too much chocolate it's bad for your teeth...guess I'll go answer my landline phone now...bye
  14. this months rain currently happening....next ob in January i suppose
  15. Welcome to the season of posts that contain 27 not time to panics 24 buts 29 yets 14 bads and 59 i'm just keeping it realz
  16. December...yeesh where did September go? The world is turning way too fast. 29 degress when woke up
  17. A month later and dry is still my biggest concern
  18. Guess since it gets dark earlier you can't call it day drinking
  19. I have a dentist appointment that day....teeth or snow????
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