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  1. I see mushrooms in many of our futures
  2. I mowed Saturday evening in anticipation....was getting a bit nervous when that first line barely dropped any here....second line came through big time....grass trees and shrubs are all smiling this morning
  3. Is it winter already?
  4. Glorious morning had the windows open last night and woke up to a chilly house....haven't turned the air on yet this season and i'm starting today out in a deep deep hole as it warms up....might get another few days of no air plus not using any gas to heat the house....my bank account is loving it so far
  5. Sorta feels like we are done for the day back this way
  6. light rain at my humble commode
  7. Well folks I'm gonna give this marriage thing another shot on Saturday, I hear rain on your wedding day is good luck and based on how my first one went I'm gonna need it lol....kidding I'm super excited and she actually likes snow!! See y'all on the other side
  8. I predict less than 1" of rain from today through Sunday. GFS already backing off
  9. Man it's awfully warm out for April
  10. How's the wind looking in the long range?
  11. Are we sure we aren't a wind town?
  12. I always get a chuckle when this happens but my neighbors sprinkler system is running after an all day rainer
  13. 39 moderate to heavy rain with an occasional flake and pinger...the way the moisture is flowing from south to north this would have been a pretty fantastic snowstorm out here. Sounds like the western crew is getting some nice visuals
  14. a few flakes mixed in with the heavier burst....
  15. models are drying up...this thing is booking...i see the back edge already...bust...congrats New England....NE Maryland pummeled....Ji doesn't live in Western Loudoun
  16. How much rain we talking tomorrow GFS remains very unimpressed back this way
  17. Why he doesn't live in Western Loudoun
  18. Are you guys sure we aren't a wind town?
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