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  1. I'm in Wyoming and tomorrow is when the front comes through. It has been high temps around 72-75 and lows in the upper 20s low 30s. High tomorrow only around 50 and snow around 7,000 ft Sunday night. I'll bring it back with me
  2. I'm heading to Jackson Hole Wyoming next Wednesday checking the daily temps it's looking like highs around 70 lows in the 30s maybe at least right now. It's my first time there hopefully they've picked up all of the trash left behind by the flyover state tourists
  3. It's all about the ACE no treble
  4. Pretty much in between everything since the start. Less than .10 so far and radar looks skippy for me. All in all the models showed an area of dry with wet west and east and north of it. That jumped around some but was always close by...I think that's pretty cool that the models picked up on that from a distance. Stay safe all...I think my pocket will remain dry.
  5. I was hoping for an all day soaker but it doesn't look to be in the cards today for my area...not really wanting severe so if the little bit of light rain is all I get...on to the better temperatures this weekend!
  6. Hoping to move into my new home in January...I didn't move for more snow though which surprised me I chose comfort and new construction in a great location for food and stuff to do while still being somewhat rural. I originally wanted to move more west and north but went basically south and a little west. My new screen name will be Aldie 22
  7. Not much here overnight. Light rain now....west of here looks like a solid shield training over it.
  8. I'm no longer interested in this event
  9. George Washington was a genius when he decided to build the white house where he did
  10. So how much rain are we supposed to get...would Ji be happy with the rain map?
  11. This winter has been exhausting already
  12. I also learned that Jimmie Walker is only 7 years younger than John Amos but played his son on Good Times
  13. Isn't most of our snow?
  14. Watching Die Hard 2 back when it used to snow at Dulles
  15. I wish I could also retire at 12 years old
  16. Anybody else think it's hot?
  17. Thought I'd log on to tell you guys it's hot out
  18. A little better assuming we still have winter in the Mid Atlantic
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