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  1. I bet we have one more run at 90 in us....around Christmas maybe?
  2. Interesting to me is that it even looks chilly when you look out the window even if you didn't know the temp. I love this time of year! 49
  3. You better hope she isn't a member on here or it's no longer a surprise
  4. And then Jimmy G takes them down and scores...awkward
  5. Miami more used to 82 degree heat than Baltimore lol
  6. Man that's an ugly beat down in Detroit
  7. I'm all for drying out and having a stretch of really nice days but i'll be honest when i see model runs with days and days of dry from start to finish i get a tad nervous. Not for any drought concerns but just the dry locking and loading for the winter. Here's to the old rubber band theory or whatever....hope we go back wet as we get closer to December.
  8. So it should be nice and toasty for my trip to Charlotte on Wednesday next week?
  9. My guess is one of you guys lives on the other side of the tracks....beware
  10. I predict frost on the pumpkins and snow turkeys running around and jorts and wife beaters for Christmas
  11. Looks like we dry for awhile and maybe turn on the heater again?
  12. Is that line out west supposed to hold together?
  13. Heaviest rain since i moved here some street flooding out front
  14. over .80 on that inet rainfall estimate thingy but literally just straight down rain
  15. Heavy rain just east of Aldie, not much thunder or lightning and zero wind so far
  16. NAM was wrong....raining pretty good here for a bit now
  17. The vibe and energy certainly felt different that's for sure. The new punter is a beast
  18. Bull Run Mt. doing its dirty work again
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