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  1. 86.5", forgot to add the slushy coating of 2/21
  2. If you are being sarcastic, I wasn't referencing the east/west delineation of 30 miles. I'm guessing 30 mi. OTS didn't pick up 30" of snow, either.
  3. 3" new for 71.2", a little less than avg...pretty good.
  4. I think you're pretty much correct, looking at the models and lining up with current obs. Wagons east.
  5. Had it been 15mi NW, no one would have complained about the NW jog.
  6. Wish there were more spacing and "atmospheric recovery" between our current storm and the 2/15.
  7. Video gets me amped up for heat and humidity. Time to start thinking Spring, maybe tornado chasing elsewhere in a few months.