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  1. He missed south Eastern NH over toward extreme southern maine
  2. Got little under half inch here. Big aggregates mixed in with steady pingers
  3. Hadn't really been paying attention to this but just check p/c for mby 3-5" lol must be an error because zone says up to an inch. I noticed there's a little blip on the snowfall map from them that has a small area of 1-3 just south of concord. I honestly thought I had left my default location on Pittsburg, NH which I was looking at few days ago
  4. Was on the river earlier, pulled boat out 5 min before the rain started. There was some dime sized hail bouncing around. Some slightly bigger, was at the power plant, not sure if any at home though
  5. The airport is basically in Londonderry/Litchfield does uhi really affect the readings that far from the actual city?
  6. About 4 or 5 flashes from transformers right as I was getting out of my truck also. Utility company website said only 6% of town with outages. We generator
  7. Power out here. Branches were down all over my street then i came across a 1ft diameter pine tree across the road about 1/8th mile up from my house. Just coming back from the gas station had to off road to get by
  8. Judging by the probability maps they put out I'm sure the -2 part is 1.00001" because it's showing 1% chance of 2" i doubt we get even an inch but surprised the way it was worded
  9. Didn't even know it was supposed to snow tonight, looked outside and there's about .25" new with 1-2 inches forcast from nws
  10. I've got 5" new since getting home around 1130. I guess maybe I'm further east toward the band than you, or I'm slantsticking
  11. How much further west is it expected to come. Definitely on the Western edge here and it's coming down very well
  12. Awesome, can't wait. Mail trucks are great in the snow, should be a fun day. This time of year people are less likely to clear their mailboxes of snow too I've noticed. I don't see much reason to stay up any later the way things have transpired with this system
  13. Which end of Nashua are you at? I work right off exit 1 on Spit Brook road. Wondering how it'll be tomorrow down that way