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  1. Poor Sizzlecuse. At this rate the MA and NE will win snowfall awards over us
  2. Absolute nothing burger here in CNY. Sleet and then a big gaping snow hole.
  3. Sorry about the mouse, just used a screen recording software https://imgur.com/a/pbxcdPi
  4. Seems like this is going to end up as a repeat of our Feb 21 storm...8-12" of snow forecast, 3-4" of slop and sleet instead.
  5. We can all complain about the new snow belts but radars like this is why we love living here
  6. Agree. I was out Cross county skiing with my dog for the 2 hours when this hit. My parents almost called 911 because they were worried I was lost. It was an amazing experience being out when literally 5" of snow falls in an hour
  7. Lets just go for record low snowfall at this point...save all the snow days this winter so we can get extra days off in Memorial day when it starts snowing.
  8. Merry Christmas Eve! Certainly looks festive in Skaneateles!
  9. Probably a quick jaunt up 81 and I could still get to a winter wonderland. In Liverpool it turned at about noon. Can still see the grass - and damn it's still waterlogged.
  10. Channel 9 got burned on a bunch of these type events last year where models showed snow then it ended up raining most of the time and we were lucky to get 2-4" of slop. I get the feeling this will bump north at game time and we'll be in rain.
  11. I enjoyed the mood snows all day today. While it didn't add up to much, just walking outside while it snowed quietly all day was really pleasant. Some people on this forum need to remember to get outside and actually enjoy this thing we're talking about on here. It was a pleasant winter day out there with constant snow! Not bad for November...
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