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  1. Damn, I came here just to see if you were posting 500:1 Kuchera maps yet.
  2. I did a few drone montages on some of the fall scenery in CNY. Very nice this year. Was up in New Hampshire last weekend - also great stuff going on up there. Did end up with 2 ticks on me after a quick jaunt in the woods today near Skaneateles. Crazy how much more common that is now than when I was a kid growing up.
  3. Canon 5D Mark IV. 24-105mm L lens. About 4 second exposure, 800 ISO, F 5.6. Remote controlled on a tripod so you don't get mirror shake.
  4. Early. 4am or maybe even a bit before. It's best when Venus starts rising and before you even get the hint of sunrise. Once it hits 415-430 it's all over because of ambient light.
  5. Comet NEOWISE looks nice in the east ( to the left and lower than Venus). Check it out around 4 am. Took these shots outside of Baldwinsville.
  6. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of this over the next decade.
  7. Glad our 90 degree days were done with in May!
  8. He's your textbook troll. An Internet and keyboard warrior! If you look at his posts he trolls the political fields, the winter threads, and the New England coronavirus and weather threads. He's on both sides of the equation most times. I can almost guarantee he's that toolbox Tolland because we all know that guy doesn't have a life and has 15 different accounts probably on here and for catfishing on Tinder.
  9. This article was awesome in explaining this weather stuff going on. Crazy to see how miserable the weather has been down in Virginia too...kinda like us the last few years.
  10. Hey troll! Glad we had another 90 degree day last week after you said that was over for the summer in late May. Can't wait till we hit 90 again this week.
  11. OT but wild up in the Arctic...scary:
  12. brentrich is probably just one of the 18 accounts that moron from Connecticut has to troll people with.
  13. You're so delusional. No wonder you're a Trumper.
  14. Why do we have dumb warnings of everything? People like Trump. How anyone could support this clown after this dumpster fire is beyond me. A lot of blindly ignorant fools out there do - and will probably have a nice cup of Lysol with their coffee.