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  1. Interesting. What do you think of this?
  2. Hey HighTechEE, During that same event, my neighbor's home, just diagonally across from me, lost his home in the fire that resulted from a viscous lightning strike. Yikes
  3. I know. I'll let someone else give the correct answer
  4. Iluvsnow and I are buddies, and neighbors (along with HightechEE). Bellbrook! Full disclosure: Despite my solid-citizen-weenie status, I work at WHIO-TV. I'm in ad sales, but I do have the luxury of spending time in the weather office. The Mets know I'm a snow weenie, and they enjoy showing me their perspective. Of course, I learn so much more coming here. It's a blast! Keep up the great posts and commentary. Looking at the graphics and maps above, my house is right there - where the 8-12" line touches the 6-8" line :-)
  5. Elwell just left WHIO-TV here in Dayton, about a month ago. Back to Columbus...
  6. Thanks Iluvsnow and HighTechEE for posting these and representing the neighborhood. I was pleasantly surprised to see snow rates pick up again early this morning. Great event, and I agree.....bring on more!
  7. I'm cracking up reading these "memories" Iluvsnow is the one that introduced me to Easternwx back in the day. I mostly read your posts during the Winter season, and I rarely post myself. I've witnessed some epic meltdowns, and I've enjoyed some great snowstorm threads.
  8. I saw the JB video. Sounded like he was about to cry. The Clark W Griswald Jelly of the Month stuff is classic. Hilarious! However, I'm laughin' 'cause I'm damn near cryin' too this winter. Need a snowstorm!
  9. Checking in, after being very quiet as usual on my part. Interesting scenario for next week for sure. Thanks for the heads up. We'll see if this verifies!
  10. Must admit, I was up watching the snow rip overnight. I'm 3 miles west of downtown Bellbrook, one of HighTechEE's neighbors. At one point, huge flakes, low visibility, briefly rapid accumulation rates. Thought I saw a coyote scamper across my yard right in the middle of that.....
  11. Hilarious! Welcome to O-H......I-O