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  1.   I have been looking for wind chill records for sometime. They are hard to find as most of them were not recorded. I wish I knew what Kansss coldest wind chill was. I suspect it is likely somewhere in the -50s but can't find any reliable records. Goodland may have possibly had a wind chill of -50F on February 5, 1982 but it is not listed.

  2. -56F wind chill Milwuakee on January 10, 1982.
  3. Here is the record for Chadron, Nebraska. I think it is likely Kansas has had -50F or colder WC's just no records to indicate it. My dad told me he had a temperature of -19F wind winds blowing between 25 and 35 mph in Emporia back in 1983. However no records to confirm it. He had a wind chill of possibly -50F to -52F(-72F to -77F using old formula).
  4. On February 5, 1982 at 6:43 am there is an unknown temperature with a wind speed of 16.1 mph. So depending on whether the temp was -22F or -23F it would make the WC -48F or -50F. Most Kansas offices have no good records but Goodland has some really good records.
  5. I found this for Mansfield, Ohio on January 20, 1985. The temp was -22.0F with a wind speed of 24.2 mph creating a WC value of -53.1F.
  6. Yeah, I know, but it is really cold here in Kansas for this time of year. I have been looking for this answer for at least a few months. With that said I hope it will warm up eventually.
  7. What is the coldest wind chill ever recorded in the state of Kansas and Nebraska using the new WC formula? For instance, I believe Oklahoma's is -47F which occured on February 10, 2011. I have found records on other states but not Kansas nor Nebraska.
  8. What is the coldest wind chill ever recorded in Kansas using the new WC formula?
  9. They will go as way far out of their way to avoid giving an EF5 rating.
  10. Agitating I know. There are two non-DI contextual evidence such as the extreme vegetation scouring and trees were completely debarked that convinces me otherwise. The videos could be used as another factor.
  11. This reminds me a little bit of the Wynnewood, Oklahoma tornado today and the Hesston F5 tornado from 1990. They both sound similar. Pause the Wynnewood tornado vid at 0:19 Pause the Hesston tornado vid at 2:38. I can't tell if that is a house in the Wynnewood tornado but we know that is a house in the Hesston tornado.