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  1. amazing....the climate always changes, it is a set of statistics used to describe the past weather and used to predicts what is the normal conditions now......those statistics constantly change so their output will also constantly claim we humans CAUSE these climate changes indeed is NOT science and is rather NON thinking on any level.......mock me all you desire but i post truth in laymans terms........the weather constantly changes and i assure YOU we humans are NOT the cause of constantly changing weather.
  2. spot on yes averages can be taken out that many places but that is NOT what i am discussing, my POINT is the ACCURACY of those averages is nothing close to the precision needed to claim accuracy to within hundredths of a degree..... in summary yes you can average many number out to many decimals places but that is NO WAY means the final result is an accurate scientific reading.
  3. you example above gives an average NOT a meaningful single average for that area.......nowhere in that area likely was 50.001, so that number in reality has no useful info or meaning
  4. plus or minus .1 degreeC does NOT give one accuracy to within hundredths of a degree.
  5. The issue doesn’t mean measuring sea ice extent or area is not science. The issue concerns limitations of satellite-based measurements and the concept of margins of error. Statistically, when error is considered, measurements within 40,000 km2 are treated as being the same.<<< TY so now we have a large margin of error when taking a picture and measuring it, YET your side still claims to have precision in a single global temperature to within hundredths of a degree.....and no mention of any margin of error in those claims. bottom line = the claims we humans are the cause of climate change is IDIOCY and not one shred of science backs that claim.
  6. >>>>Values within 40,000 square kilometers (15,000 square miles) are considered tied.<<< new rules for sports = in baseball scores within 2 runs are considered tied, in football scores with differential of less than 7 are considered tied, in bowling scored less than 10 pins different are considered tied...... in laymans terms this ice measuring stuff is NOT SCIENCE, the results are what we declare them to be NOT the actual results.
  7. "Our CO2 emissions will remain in the atmosphere for centuries to millennia, maintaining the warmer temperatures long after these emissions were released." the TRUTH = some of that co2 gets removed daily by the plants using it as FOOD........ "Human activities have caused a 1.0°C rise in the global temperature over the past 150 years." TRUTH = the earth has warmed that much since coming out of the little ice age, YOU nor anybody else has any evidence that humans are the "cause" of this happening.......
  8. with all due respect the ONLY science says the past does NOT cause todays weather, it says the current weather is what is causing the weather events again NOT the average stats from the past.what precisely are you claiming the average weather stats are DOING to cause weather today? the weather constantly changes = FACT any stats derived from constantly changing input will constantly change = FACT claims that climate change is unusual = SILLY and ignores basic science fact. we have observed periods of cooling and warming ever since we have observations.. we have NOT seen any periods of unchanging constantly the same weather(and climate since the climate is just a description of the previous weather).
  9. "climate change" has never caused even one weather event.......the climate describes the PAST and is used to see what the usual conditions are(average), but again the climate is not a force has no power and has never caused any weather event.
  10. the above post is a vicious attack on an honest person.........Iceland IS a highly active volcano area, to claim there is nothing to support the claim some heat could be coming from under OK is just a LIE.
  11. the climate is just the STATISTICS derived from the previous 30 years weather for a given think the past CONTROLS the future shows a complete lack of basic sense about simple science....the past also has no control over the present, the climate is NOT a force, has no power and has never caused even one weather event.......
  12. folks pollution is something that is NOT supposed to be there, co2 is REQUIRED being in our air for us to be alive..........of course too much of anything can kill you........but just because too much ice cream can kill you calling ice cream poison would be stupid and false,and those claiming co2 is pollution are LYING and not engaged in science on any level.
  13. co2 is NOT "pollution" it is a nutrient required for life as we know it........
  14. the IR wave does NOT "some of the heat that would otherwise escape is re-radiated to the earth" it is released with no direction imparted and continues its natural movement towards space....
  15. science FACT = no insulator ever "traps heat" slow its movement YES, but "trap" it never happens......