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  1. well my no science involved guess of beware the 7th-12th each month this winter has already seen wintry precip here in bama today
  2. we had cold air daming last night here nw of birmingham....27 for a low and you could see the cold filtering into this area from the NE right along the appalachians
  3. no science in this post i told my wife to watch the 7th-12th days each month this winter, no reason just a feeling something wintry will happen
  4. this ole hillbilly would surmise the SUN is the single most powerful factor.
  5. NO it isnt true in fact it is a very strange claim since in october the oceans waters are COOLER than in august
  6. TY for that post but this is about religion not science.........others here have faith to replace science and data
  8. and the worst of them are more than three times as frequent now than 100 years ago.<<<< it is certainly mentioned in your post
  9. hilarious stuff coming on the heels of an all time record for number of years with NO major hurricane hitting the USA coast......
  10. i agree and will add it is far too complex to single out human released co2 and claim it is the driver of our climate.
  11. the greenhouse effect is an insulating effect.....can anybody here name any insulator that ADDS heat to the system it is insulating? my understanding of insulation is it SLOWS the movement of the heat energy but in no way traps that heat and does NOT in any way ADD any extra heat to the system..... if my understanding is wrong please show an insulator that ADDS heat?
  12. i prefer discussing issues and using my own brain, the "studies" you so much prefer are PAID to find the results they find........real science says there is nothing unusual going on now that hasnt gone on for eons.....co2 levels have been much higher in the past and YOU cant blame humans for that FACT.......
  13. the heat index is the actual heat and an equation using the relative humidity, that is nothing akin to the climate stats it is about the actual current conditions, exposure to extreme heat having an impact on ones health has nothing to do with the "climate".......and please learn there is a "link" between every past event in weather and the "climate" and also learn a "link"says ZERO about the "cause".....the same links between weather and climate has always existed there is NO change in that reality.