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  1. there goes that sneaky warmth in the oceans HIDING
  2. why was that period cherry picked to use as the baseline? because it was a cooler period?
  3. it appears the many claims of not snow possible in north carolina have proven true now?
  4. has any model ever in any time frame been wrong by predicting too warm???? i ask because it seems here the word is the models are NEVER ever wrong that yesterday here imby they had forecast high in mid 50s and low 40 and the temp hit 50 for about 5 minutes and the low was only 29......
  5. some people live their lives trying to stay aware of the weather but NOT letting something they have zero control over(weather) dictate their mental approach to life outlook on life remains the same no matter what the weather happens to do or not do.
  6. emporia kansas is the place you oughta be tonight
  7. been around several years and i still cant understand why each model run is accepted as the gospel? they have almost no consistency and each run while being accepted as gospel proves to be wrong.......
  8. nice little snow in washington dc right now
  9. i saw a comment in the other thread "thanks boomers" do people seriously blame baby boomers for the WEATHER?
  10. pretty sure it is very cold in alaska right now saw a claim of 60below at one location
  11. the posts above show the it is NOT being melted by warmer air it shows ocean currents moving it around constantly and moving some south where it does indeed melt.i was aware my link was from a few yeas ago but it shows today there is more older ice than there was in 2011 something not possible if warmer air is melting the older ice.....because it is supposed to be warmer now than in 2011
  12. multi year old ice IS increasing.......
  13. to make the claim REQUIRES there be no margin of error......because to say one year was .01 degree warmer than another REQUIRES the margin of error to be much less than .O1....the claim itself excludes there being any margin of error.......and i must ask who is the "we all" you posted of? "all" includes many people.
  14. i see a margin of error .15 for that one small place, yet those same folks claim precision to within hundredths of a degree with NO margin of error = the claims that one month or year was .01 warmer than the other are pure BS.
  15. well my no science involved guess of beware the 7th-12th each month this winter has already seen wintry precip here in bama today