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  1. well as the once great Sam Kinison said "you live in a desert, nothing grows here, nothing gonna grow here..." why do people live in desert areas like the west? This is not climate change this is natural variability. It tends to be dry on average out west, some years or even decades are drier than others. So now people are realizing that "hey, it's too dry here" I better move." Also building your house on the beach is never a good proposition.... you can't blame climate change on that.
  2. Totally agree. Yeah the oil and coal industries have been horrible on the environment. This doesn't give the "green" companies a pass. There was a company pushing hard to have a huge wind farm on a migratory bird pathway by eastern Lake Ontario. They almost got their bird killing wind farm on a large scale except a bird watcher found a bald eagle nest on the exact area that they were gonna to put the majority of the wind mills. In fact, they were going to have to take that tree down. They didn't disclose that there was an eagle nest their on purpose! The entire project was cancelled. Serves them right. When there is money to be made, companies do anything they can to make money, even if it destroys the environment. We saw with this oil and coal companies. Coal companies destroyed mountain tops completely! Oil companies have a terrible track record too. To think green energy is going to be different is wrong. We need a strong well funded EPA and the states need strong well funded environmental protection. But you know how that goes. anyway, the prospect of wind farms on a massive scale will cause a lot of bird deaths especially raptors including eagles. The eagles just came back from the banning of DDT. Contrary to what many of you may think of me, I am a staunch environmentalist. Birds are very adaptable creatures to changing climates. Cardinals for instance 120 years ago were southern birds. Now they have spread north to the northern U.S. Many other southern species have slowly been moving north. Northern species actually have been doing fine because of the maturation of northern hardwood forests and conifer forests. There has been no major declines for many forest birds. The birds that have declined most are those that nest in brushy areas ones that need less mature woods (which have grown up), field birds and shorebirds. Shorebirds are a BIG concern. Many species migrate up through the Plains from South America and the obstacles of wind farms now dotting the landscape in the fields that use to forage will eventually threaten many species with extinction. It is has been found that they do much better in the Arctic nesting grounds raising more young during milder summers which have been happening lately. Yet they decline still. It is likely the wind farms. Green energy is mean energy for birds.
  3. The new proposed wind farms were are supposed to be even higher up than current ones are going to be mass slayers of birds. Birds already have enough to killing them off...cats, collisions with buildings, windows, cars etc. Now we are going to put up tons of new wind farms even higher up. For what? Nothing its not going to make a difference at all except make some energy company rich. Oil companies indeed have exploited the environment too with negative consequences too. Now "green" energy companies will do the same. They underreport bird kills on purpose.
  4. This is a BS study because our birds survived the Holocene warming 8000 years ago. Audubon is a radical left wing institution that wants your donations. That's all. Back when I was a kid they were saying how all these bird species would go extinct because of tropical deforestation on their wintering grounds by the year 2000. Well many of those species are doing better than ever. It turns out, they don't even use primary rainforest on their wintering grounds. Audubon does this for money. period.
  5. another more....
  6. Here's another for your skier... and another.... collisions increase with turbine,increased bird collisions are likely
  7. Read this too.... This gives you another side to your "rosy" green energy fantasies. I have told you this like 12 times now...and you don't listen. /sarc
  9. Who defines what quality research is? Its similar to history, the winner of a war writes the history....
  10. Assuming that fossil fuels leads to dangerous global warming which is a circular argument. You can't make this assumption. Humans have made tremendous advances in quality of life to a level not ever seem by Homo Sapiens. This is because of cheap energy. Go ahead, go to renewables before the technology is ready and you will see global economic collapse. And poor people already struggling would suffer the most. The agenda of the radical climate activists would be exceptional cruel to a lot of poorer people. It is an anti-human campaign. So do you folks still drive gas power cars? Use heat from fossil fuels? Use products that were derived from fossil fuels?
  11. Because the "gate-keepers" of the peer review process are climate alarmists and won't entertain anything else.
  12. who do you think YOU are? Why should I listen to YOU! Say it 100 times. You are highly biased and very arrogant. You are a bully on this forum and should have been removed a long time ago. have a nice day.
  13. You are assuming scientists understand the climate system enough to predict all the non-linear effects. You don't understand how modeling works. GCMs are full of assumptions, parameterizations and can't even handle convection or clouds explicitly. These are major factors in the Earth's climate. So many of us with experience in atmospheric science who understand this can't believe the hubris presented by climate scientists who think they have it all figured out. The debate is over they say. That is anti-science itself. I have seen the corruption in climate science firsthand too.
  14. Don't you get it? Science is corrupted. Climate has been changing for millions of years. There have only been mass extinction events related to either massive volcanic eruptions or asteroid or comet impacts. Do you really believe a small amount of warming, similar to what we saw 8000 year ago is going to cause mass extinctions? Why is it different now? It's the people of the third world destroying tropical forests, mangroves, other habitats and unregulated hunting that is the biggest threat to biodiversity. It is urgent that this is addressed. Instead scientists go off on this tangent of climate change which takes away from the REAL efforts to improve conditions in the third world. It's terrible. Like I said, all the "go green" bullshit and other "save the planet" crap is distracting us from what really needs to be done. We need to be helping the third world get out of poverty and have access to cheap energy (fossil fuels). By denying them that, you destroy the planet and more importantly people's lives. Its awful.