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  1. Looks like it may be going slightly more north now.
  2. Nope lol, we have to make pretend that New Orleans is going to be waterworld after missing eye wall and having massively upgraded levee system.
  3. Ok I’ll keep quiet and see what happens, I thought that’s what the banter thread was here for though.
  4. Lol why am I getting weenied for sharing opinion/somewhat good news in the banter thread. I’m leaving actual thread for experts.
  5. This is extremely similar to Laura!! And agreed the system will stand up to this, especially missing eye wall.
  6. All those takes last night of it going east we’re premature.
  7. Yeah, much much smaller communities in path of worst of storm. New Orleans looks to make out good with just outer bands.
  8. West suburbs of New Orleans still in danger, Luling looks to get clipped.
  9. Yeah some of these dudes are clowns and don’t understand how sensationalizing hurts the science more than anything.
  10. Lol I’m sure Jeff is saying he sees gusts to 200 while no structures have failed.
  11. It’s jaunting west, Houma in much more danger.
  12. Terrific news!!! Surge should be minimized as it’s still pushing west.
  13. I’d say 90 to 100 from what I’ve seen.
  14. Definitely sensationalizing it.
  15. New Orleans in way better shape than it looked like before!!! Great news.
  16. New Orleans and highly populated areas dodging major bullet. Let it go Into uninhabited swamps.
  17. Impossible to know. Luckily they’re fixed.
  18. Yup, especially with late jaunt west. I’d expect storm surge closer to Laura levels that Katrina or Michael.
  19. Agreed, it’s going to be bad for sure, but people thinking along lines of Katrina are way off base.
  20. Not even close…agreed. New Orleans will have some flooding, and damage from likely cat 1 type winds but not much more.
  21. Lol preferable over the big easy for sure.
  22. Well yeah, but New Orleans is by far most vulnerable so it’s great they will miss eye wall to west.
  23. Thank god for late tug west.
  24. Steady strengthening, but thinking the crazy rapid deepening isn’t gonna happen.
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