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  1. Anderson Cooper will be talking with the Mayor of Birmingham soon...
  2. Are there any reports from Birmingham yet? Haven't heard too much about it.
  3. That is quite a different situation. There are crews down there right now. We'll see what happens.
  4. You could warn an area until your blue in the face. If it falls upon deaf ears, then there will be fatalities.
  5. I highly doubt there would be hundreds dead with such little coverage or mention about it.
  6. Getting close to the level of fatalities that the Super Tuesday outbreak caused which was 57.
  7. Bart Comstocks twitter... CAUTION: Unconfirmed!/SvrWxChaser
  8. Check this out...
  9. Honestly, James Spann deserves some sort of award Amazing job.
  10. Possible EF4-EF5 damage in Tuscaloosa. Stores are completely gone.
  11. My god... TWC has a shot of BHAM with debris raining down.
  12. 6 tornado emergencies now. This is the worst outbreak I have seen in a long time.