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  1. suzbyrd

    February 8-12 2016 Cold and Possibly Snowy

    Does anyone know why NWS at Morristown is not doing their morning update (haven't last two days) and the forecast matrices aren't updating several times per day? They are my go-to for solid information and now can't get updated from the meteorologists.
  2. suzbyrd

    Summer 2014 Banter

    I'm wondering if anyone is having trouble getting onto the National Weather Service website. I keep getting a "server not present" message.....I guess it's our government $ at work
  3. suzbyrd

    Winter Storm Threat: 9Feb-15Feb

    4 inches on the ground in Greene County, TN
  4. suzbyrd

    1/28-1/30 SE Winter Storm OBS

    Hey, Go down to the Mad Boar and have a beer on me! Wallace is my hometown.
  5. suzbyrd

    January 2014 Obs

    The snow hole continues in Greene County. Never fails.....snows like crazy all around, but when you pass into Greene, it stops.
  6. suzbyrd

    December and January Pattern Discussion

    This might need to go in the banter section, but it's disappointing that the coast is gonna get hammered and we in the TN valley struggle to get a couple of inches.
  7. suzbyrd

    January 2014 Obs

    Just drove over Sam's Gap from TN to NC. Snowing hard up top but getting into Asheville it just petered out.
  8. suzbyrd

    January 2014 Obs

    Weathernut, gotta go over Sam's gap this aft and then back tonite. What's the verdict in terms of travel?
  9. suzbyrd

    December and January Pattern Discussion

    Carvers, where do I go to look at the Euro?
  10. suzbyrd

    January 2014 Obs

    light snow in NE TN
  11. suzbyrd

    Upcoming Events

    I'm wondering where everybody went to tonite
  12. suzbyrd

    January 2014 Obs

    Im wondering if anyone has any information about road conditions in NorthEast Tennessee?
  13. suzbyrd

    January Banter

    1234, It can take anywhere from 4-6 months to complete a thru hike on the AT. It's on my bucket list too.
  14. suzbyrd

    Jan 5-6 Snow

    Tabby...I agree, other surrounding offices (GSP, BNA) always give pretty detailed forecasts while MRX never does. Maybe MRX is not a prime spot to be employed so we get a low-level hire or someone not as experienced? Frustrating for sure when people want to read the details of their reasoning. I often go to GSP for better understanding of why weather is happening. I'm waiting for the big bomb to drop on us one day. I was in RDU in 2000 and that was a total blast with all the snow. Also, TNWeathernut, Stovepipe, 1122, 1985, Carver give pretty good analyses so I read whatever they write.
  15. suzbyrd

    January Banter

    Weather is just not going to give us what we want. Maybe next time......