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  1. 13.8” , looks like another hour of snow.. Should be between 14 and 15” when its all set and done.. Epic storm.
  2. Over 12” now , should top out at about 14” based on radar trends..
  3. Megaband moving overhead. Will be widespread 10-15” totals in this area.
  4. 9.8” death band approaching. Looks to train over the area.. WOW
  5. 2” last hour . 7.1” total 12:45am.
  6. Down to 32.5 from a high of 44. Steady snow with a coating down.
  7. Finally. Will probably end up around 3.5” our biggest snow in 107 days since Nov 15th, just about 20” on the year. Cautiously optimistic for tomorrow night as well.
  8. Seymour - 5.8” as of 10:30am . Will probably end with 6” on the dot as it winds down in the next 30 minutes.. Nice over-performer to end the year maybe .
  9. At the river walk in Ansonia right now 0.0001” . About an inch at 600’ in Seymour. Worst bust I’ve ever seen. Snowed for 21 hours and these are the totals.
  10. I am.. I live on the Seymour/oxford line in west central new haven county on Fairfield county line/ also @4seasons in south central near new haven plus @buildingsciencewx
  11. Seymour 580' .. Approaching 11" the band has pivoted back west over me now almost 2 hours in it. 4" between 10am and 11am. I see many towns around here reporting 10-11" crazy!!
  12. 3” in 35 minutes 8.5” seymour 580’ elevation. Been under 35-40dbz for an hour
  13. 850 is 0-1 throughout , cools below 0 in western SNE after 15z and out east after 21z
  14. Seymour CT - 6.5” - 1” last hour under poor radar returns