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  1. December 2017 Discussion

    Are you referring to the 12Z Euro from today? Doesn't look as rainy in the lower peninsula north woods, unless I'm misreading.
  2. NWS Daily Climate Report -- API Call?

    You can return a list of Daily Climate report products here: https://api.weather.gov/products/types/cli And then get by weather office, for instance this is GRR: https://api.weather.gov/products/5b11aae6-52cf-4d05-819d-bf373ce18dae Parsing the productText node looks challenging but probably less so than scraping their HTML
  3. September 2017 Record Breaking Heat Wave

    Already 90 in Grand Rapids MI and it's only Noon. Hit 95 yesterday beating the the record by 3 degrees.
  4. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    Trolls will troll, but the radar is showing a NW movement recently https://radar.weather.gov/ridge/radar.php?rid=BYX&product=N0Z&overlay=11101111&loop=yes
  5. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    Bastardi predicting Cat 5 at LF, FWIW
  6. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    112 terajoules...
  7. Major Hurricane Irma

    So if a building is rated for 140mph, does that assume higher winds above 30 feet? For instance a storm could be blowing at 140mph at 30ft, and 170mph at 200ft. Is the likelihood of 170mph at higher levels part of the calculation for taller buildings? Or would 140mph be the max for such a building regardless of height?
  8. Major Hurricane Irma

    Not to change the subject but isn't the 12 Euro coming out now? Anyone have early access?
  9. Major Hurricane Irma

    He talks about the worst case, and storm surge for Miami:
  10. Major Hurricane Irma

    I listened live to the Prime Minister's report from Barbuda and his sat phone audio quality was terrible. Sounded to me like he said "1 fatality". No one should take the 1,000 report seriously until we get more info. Hopefully it's wrong.
  11. Major Hurricane Irma

    Agreed. Maybe not the eye itself, but the eye wall looks like it could hit the northern fringe of the city.
  12. Major Hurricane Irma

    Are we looking at the same chart? Euro has the best scores at 96 and 120.
  13. Major Hurricane Irma

    Could someone explain why the latest Euro would initialize Irma at 962? Thanks!
  14. Harvey - Main Thread

    Live stream of water levels in Brazoria County (30 miles away from the levee)
  15. Winter 2016-2017 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    GRR likes the GFS so far...