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  1. snowmobile vs plow truck. let me guess who won that battle. hope not too much damage. after the way the past 2 years have been you need to be able to ride this one.
  2. yup, I'm in Stonington and it's pouring snow again. didn't expect this band to intensify this much.
  3. just measured 10.5" on the picnic table. I don't get into all the fancy snow boards and cleaning them off every hour. I'm liking my call for my area I made on Sunday of 18"-24". I don't think we'll make the 24" storm's moving too fast, but 18" is definitely likely. I was really hoping this was going to be a 30"er. the NAM kept spitting out insane numbers right around my area and then the euro joined in, but I kinda thought that was overdone. I stay away from all the subforums except this one and the MA. I like most of the MA guys. alot of level headed, good posters in there. all the NY guys do is fight and argue.
  4. haven't checked in on them this morning. are they having a melt down?
  5. definitely possible.
  6. that's very funny. hope this goes as planned. looks like it should be a good one for just about everyone. too bad it didn't come in January. have fun and be safe wherever you ride
  7. so you're saying there's a chance we get to ride one more time this year.
  8. I'd really prefer to see just 1 low centered at the mouth of the bay.
  9. so in other words, very rare.
  10. well sorry guys I just killed this storm. I was just out and put the rear blade on the tractor for the first time all season. sure kiss of death for a storm is for me to prepare ahead of time.
  11. not sure what's going on with the water. we had a plumber from Lock Haven there friday afternoon and he thinks we need a new well pump. hopefully it's not the other option, low water level in the well. I'll probably be heading up next week one day to get the repair work done, I'll see what's left up there at that time. I really hope the longer range holds and we get a few more good storms this season, we need to make up for last year and the first part of this year.
  12. glad you got some good riding in. we ended up with 160 miles thursday afternoon and part of friday. we wanted to stay and ride saturday, but had water issues at the cabin, so had to cut the weekend short. the canyon area was beautiful. it's not looking too good to hold onto what we had. looks warm over the weekend, so although the longer range has promise, I think we'll basically be starting over.
  13. we need this to reach a little further to the north to include Potter and Tioga, they need snow up there.
  14. I remember one like that also, not sure if it's the same storm but I know when I went to bed the forecast was for it to head out to sea. when I got up in the morning there were still some local stations up hear calling for it to miss, but it was plain as day by looking at the radar it wasn't going to miss. it was a wall of snow headed due north. I think we ended up with around 12" or 14" here in central PA. I was thinking it was back in the early 90's, but my memory isn't that great anymore.