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  1. well sorry guys I just killed this storm. I was just out and put the rear blade on the tractor for the first time all season. sure kiss of death for a storm is for me to prepare ahead of time.
  2. not sure what's going on with the water. we had a plumber from Lock Haven there friday afternoon and he thinks we need a new well pump. hopefully it's not the other option, low water level in the well. I'll probably be heading up next week one day to get the repair work done, I'll see what's left up there at that time. I really hope the longer range holds and we get a few more good storms this season, we need to make up for last year and the first part of this year.
  3. glad you got some good riding in. we ended up with 160 miles thursday afternoon and part of friday. we wanted to stay and ride saturday, but had water issues at the cabin, so had to cut the weekend short. the canyon area was beautiful. it's not looking too good to hold onto what we had. looks warm over the weekend, so although the longer range has promise, I think we'll basically be starting over.
  4. we need this to reach a little further to the north to include Potter and Tioga, they need snow up there.
  5. I remember one like that also, not sure if it's the same storm but I know when I went to bed the forecast was for it to head out to sea. when I got up in the morning there were still some local stations up hear calling for it to miss, but it was plain as day by looking at the radar it wasn't going to miss. it was a wall of snow headed due north. I think we ended up with around 12" or 14" here in central PA. I was thinking it was back in the early 90's, but my memory isn't that great anymore.
  6. LOL I've been saying this for a few years now, but it hasn't happened yet.
  7. for your area yes, but for the northern edge of the precip shield the globals struggled mightily while the NAM nailed it
  8. I'm on the edge of the extreme cutoff in central PA. 25 miles north of me is very little. I have around 15" and still snowing hard. the only model that nailed the northern edge was the NAM. GFS was out to lunch like all other globals.
  9. have you ever seen a gradient like the NAM is showing verify? I know back in '09-'10 there were some extreme gradients, but what the NAM is showing for this storm is hard to fathom.
  10. April. backdoor cold fronts, cutoff lows, plus 6-7 months before it snows again. August would be a close second. I'm not a fan of humidity and back to back 31 day summer months.
  11. surprises in store with this one. frontal boundaries with waves along them can be very tricky
  12. CTP updated map for the snow part of this system.
  13. I don't know if I can remember a winter that has had so many storm threats (what like every 3 days) and not have any of them really produce. I have had so many 1"-3" storms this year its getting old. I don't mind the cold, but if it's going to be cold this long there should be a few bigger storms to go along with it. I do have a decent snowpack, but that's only because it's been so cold none of the nuisance snows ever melted. I'm not ready for spring yet. I'm still waiting for a double digit snowfall. and I can guess when it will occur, just ahead of the pattern break and 50's and 60's.
  14. we're not up either. we had sled issues last weekend. needed a new stator which sucks big time. but the sled is fixed now. we're just headed out to pick it up then we're headed to Mile Run to test her out. I'm hoping this midweek thing isn't too detrimental to great trails we've had for the last several weeks. I still think that trailing energy needs to be watched carefully. many surprises with that I'm thinking.
  15. heard it was getting thin in a few spots on the trails from sled traffic. plus this time of year the sun can do a number on the south facing slopes. I'm really hoping this midweek system trends weaker and colder. I realize a pure snow event for midweek isn't in the cards, I'm just hoping to limit the damage to the snowpack. plus the trailing energy may have some surprises after the cold air comes back in.