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  1. with the big storm we had up here the middle of December central PA was in the bullseye for about 3 straight days on most guidance. then when within 24 hours all the models started moving the heaviest north. ended up about 150 miles further north into southern New York state when all was said and done.
  2. I think 14" is easily doable. all depends on the warm layer. keeps moving north with most models. my concern is a change to sleet at some point later tonight.
  3. this can't be real life. I must be dreaming. most models have my area in the "zone". that never happens. looks like enough up north for some pre Christmas riding.
  4. I've been in that range or better on every one of those maps this entire winter and the result has been a whopping 9" and most of that came in Nov. and early Dec.
  5. leaving the snow capital of the east to come to the nickel and dime land known as the Susquehanna valley. hope you enjoy your stay and maybe you'll bring us some good luck.
  6. I always prefer all snow events, but I'd be happy with that scenario. I haven't seen a good sleet storm in quite a few years.
  7. that looks like the Ukie from last week for this past week's storm.
  8. getting pretty close to the event for ensembles, but that being said, there is still some spread between members in regards to snow amounts around central PA.
  9. I've lived here my entire 55 years of my life and trust me, you can never ever feel confident about a snowstorm in central PA until it's on the ground.
  10. well, I was really hopeful we'd get into a true winter pattern over the next couple weeks, but I guess we'll have to wait until April for that.
  11. what's the odds the gfs will get back to back storms right?
  12. wow, that's some stat. I would have never thought multiple double digit storms in one winter are all that rare in central PA, especially out that way. seems the last 10 years or so the big ones have def initely hit more south and east areas.
  13. my wife and I have been to Cass. highly recommend for anyone who wants to ride a train to the top of a mountain.