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  1. Oh you're absolutely right. It still blows my mind because I've been on these forums since EasternUSWx and before that, I was the infamous PalmyraPunishment on the Wunderground forums back when rainbows were black and white. I've been following weather since my parents rebuilt Homestead, Florida after Andrew and been foruming for over half my life. It always makes me wonder how soon I'll have to begin pouring digital 40s out for the fallen.
  2. One. Send one. And tell her you're sorry the swimmer took.
  3. I was a senior in high school back in 2002 when it snowed on my towns Trick or Treat night. Playing snow football on Halloween is a real treat.
  4. Had a thunderstorm roll through here about an hour ago. Knocked a window pane out of my screen door. Fun times.
  5. You are what Jon Gruden got fired for calling Roger Goodell
  6. There will likely be a pattern change... In April.
  7. Sawx looking good so far. I want the Braves to win the WS so we are treated to a shot of Ron Washington cutting a brick of co-caine with one of the pennants he ripped off the top of the trophy.
  8. That's too many white people. You need to trim some of the fat. All but like one has to go.
  9. My appearances here during the summer/early fall are limited to disaster or when I'm curious. I was looking to see if any winter outlooks were up and that brought me here and now y'all know I'm a leaf peeper. Who woulda thought, the forum asshole likes watching the leaves die? But not jail. At least not yet. Preliminary hearing is set for October 10.
  10. I was out towards Buttermilk Falls in Indiana county last week and it seems like an early foliage season, which seems odd to me considering the earlier foliage is usually attributed to dryer and hotter summer with cooler night/morning conditions late summer/early fall, which doesn't seem to have been as prevalent as last year, and this season seems to be earlier than last.
  11. Category Niiiiiiiice
  12. Here's the weather: My balls were swept away in the Sendai prefecture wave of sweat. I'll miss them, but not as much as Nanny. Back to you.
  13. Quit ruining my fun with your facts, ********.
  14. If you don't get struck by lightning mowing the grass, did the grass really get cut?
  15. Radar just showed another line popping up just south of the lake. It was looking like the initial line was dying over Cresson. Could be alright.
  16. Live look-in at a location just south of my belt buckle:
  17. You are the James Spann of wind advisories.
  18. I would be interested to see numbers for areas in between State College and Harrisburg. I feel like there was a dry zone from eastern Bedford through portions of Juniata and Perry counties that saw very little from any of the events this season. Take a map and trace a corridor from Rt 26 in Everett up towards 994 in Entriken to Rockhill Furnace, and 522 from Orbisonia to close to Beaver Springs and I feel like from storm threads and radar memory, that area likely got less than half of State College and/or Harrisburg. Crazy winter.
  19. I'm fine with snow on day 300. What is that? Early October?
  20. Good. By March, I'm ready for spring. They've started playing baseball down in Florida and I'm ready to start hiking the trails. Unless we have a March 1993 blockbuster staring us down, I'll pass on cold and snow.
  21. Hence why I said today was this year's annual "Weatherman Takes One On The Chin" Day. Gonna be a few "We blew it." Segments on TV and social media.
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