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  1. A flood on Christmas would be the perfect cap to 2020.
  2. I turned down a job to work for that guy. I'm not kidding, in the interview, they asked me what I knew about him. You want to talk about a ****ing messiah complex? Go check out Accuweather in State College.
  3. I played the voice of reason once and it got me the banhammer from the Accuweather forums.
  4. I'm impressed in how far the sleet got north. Looks like it's reached Route 22.
  5. That was June after I spent May learning about the thousands of Russian Orthodox folks who flooded central PA to make bricks and mine the coal and litter the landscape with Byzantine crucifixes. I then moved onto watching a bunch of Bear Grylls types taking saws and brush and surviving in the woods of Michigan for three days in 70°F weather like I was supposed to be dazzled.
  6. Also, I'm about to bottom-out on your channel. Since lockdown and being deployed to work from home, I've reached the bottom of YouTube. "What's the bottom of YouTube, you ask?" Videos of Candlepin Bowling and watching people take Amtrak across America.
  7. I lived right on the square above the pet shop. The sinkholes weren't as prevalent there as opposed to say, bowling alley, but the road was so busted that I slept every night to the sound of 18-wheelers breaking their axles at the red light and bums fighting outside of Gary's bar with the blood spilling over to the parking lot of Roma Pizza. Fix that shit, and we'll give you snow.
  8. Palmyra doesn't get snow until it solves its sinkhole problems. That's why I left that one-horse town.
  9. Yeah. Gave me a heart attack in my upper butthole thinking we got shafted.
  10. Harrisburg: 1,830,097,046,823,762 flakes fallen Carlisle: 1,832,076,134,651,009 flakes fallen Lancaster: 1,543,884,332,165 flakes fallen, 9,812,443,227 sleet pellets pinged York: 1,567,552,109,873 flakes fallen, 8,987,209,177 sleet pellets pinged Toontown: 2,415,220,769,010 flakes fallen State College: 2,415,220,768,990 flakes fallen Williamsport: 2,500,318,940,334 flakes fallen
  11. I mean... you're literally throwing me beach balls at this point. I'm not even going to dignify this one with a joke. We can all agree that the joke will simply write itself.
  12. Good luck to everyone. May all your rooves (is this a word? Do you hear the funny sound? Do you hear the funny sound? It's my rooves. My rooves.) collapse and we all freeze to death for being such needs haha
  13. I feel like a prize fighter getting ready for the big fight. I have a ton of glad-handing, non-sensical, yes man standing behind me riding my coattails for the duration of my greatness (that's you lot), blabbing a shitheap of nonsense that's nothing more than incoherent psychobabble, a woman riding my ass about every little thing, and a sorry ass bowl of sketti that I would rather lick razor blades and salt than eat but I know I need the carbs to perform at a high level. I'm ready to knock this mother****er out.
  14. It got quiet in here. What happened? Wolf cancel the storm?
  15. Thought you would have been too busy rioting and yelling at horses back then. I'm sure I was there, but I could have sworn you were marching on Warshington wearing vagina hats and crying for safe spaces that day.
  16. No because it unfairly portrays me as an alcoholic, and typecasts me to just that. I'm much more than that.