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  1. Hi Alex.  Looks like the first snow event for you Friday night or Saturday.  When do you expect the new camera to come?   I was just curious.  Hope you are up here to enjoy it.  Strong winds too!


  2. Hi Alex,  I thought I would respond in private since I don't want to muck up the whole NNE thread with just camera posts.  I think you will definitely see the same quality as the wide angle camera once you replace the first one if you decide to go the closer in view route.  I understand the security issue but if the camera does not store video  of what it sees then how would you be able to  even  go back and review the video if  you had a problem like a break in?  What I do love about my NEST wide angle is that you can set up motion zones.  If it detects motion it flags it.  If it detects a person figure it will even tell you it sees a person.  I have it set up so I get an email if it sees motion and it even sends me an image of what it sees moving.  Very cool.  I do have the 10 day record service.  I like that because like last night with a beautiful sunset I can go back and catch it or make a time lapse of cool things it sees.

    I'll be curious what your final decision is.  Love the cam view and watching Mount Washington.  Amazing how much of the time the summit is in the clouds.  Should be clear tomorrow with a nice coating of rime.  


  3. Hey Alex.  Just checked the cam today.  Looks like someone is getting married!  The foliage still looks pretty meh there.  Now that you are up how does it look compared to the cam picture?  Everyone is talking about how beautiful it is on the Kanc. and in the Whites but either the cam doesn't show the real colors or that early frost you got kind of zapped the trees and kept them muted.  

    Doesn't look like much shower activity with tomorrow nights cold front.  Just looked and any showers should hold off to early evening if they happen.  Hopefully with any luck it will not interfere with the wedding.  


  4. Hey Alex.  Cam image is perfect today, well as far as the lighting part  goes.  From time to time the clouds lift enough on Mt Washington that it looks like the cone is whitened.  Looked at the observatory cam and the rocks are white with rime ice and looks like a bit of snow at the top.  

    Beautiful day up here but a strong NW wind that makes my 56F seem much colder.

    Perhaps interesting tropical weather coming up.  Computer models want to develop a system way out in the Mid Tropical Atlantic.  Should keep moving west all this upcoming week and then turn north.  Develops into a big hurricane.  Yesterday the models had it turning north into the Gulf.  Today turning north quicker, into Florida or up the East Coast or maybe even missing the US and curving out to sea.  8 days away so fantasy land time period.  Something for me as a weather nerd to watch!

  5. Hi Alex

    Cam is great.  Still out of focus on left.  Seems like you might have it inside and the glass window pane is keeping that part a bit out of focus.  How much was the cam and was it easy to setup?  Now I want one!


  6. Thanks Ocean.  oh, thanks for the link the other day too, the one with cumulative rainfall.  

    I'm not a Met as you know, but just for fun ran the GFS out to 300 hours.  Can't believe how dry it is after this rainfall.  I guess that invest way out near Africa will be a fish storm.  Maybe the invest south of Fiona could develop and move towards the mainland?  I see the GFS has it approaching the SE or perhaps coming up the coast.   That's what we need, a tropical system but one that isn't too strong that causes damage.

    C ya


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