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  1. It’s only on the Euro and it’s ensembles for Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Other models have the clipper further north in Virginia.
  2. Euro has some light snow across NC Wednesday night/Thursday morning from a clipper passing by. Looks like maybe a dusting if it sticks.
  3. Sounds a lot like what the NAM is showing as well.
  4. And the German model says hello to more ridging and digs the vort considerably.
  5. The reason the low pops there is not enough digging of the vort. If it is further west and digs a bit more then that low shifts south a good deal and NC will be colder with some snow. It’s very close to being something good on the GFS and NAM is even better looking.
  6. GFS is close to a nice little snow event this Friday. We just need this to dig a little more and further west and it will be game on. This is the same storm the UK has been showing for a few days off and on now.
  7. GFS starts around 10:30, CMC about 10:45 and UK usually has detailed maps about 11:30-45 or so.
  8. This isn’t a clipper if it follows the UK and now the Euro track. It’s a classic Miller A track which is what brings some of the best snows to the Southeast provided the cold is in place. Those details will become clear as we get closer but for now the overall idea of a Miller A in the GOM then up off the East Coast is a classic track. You can’t ask for much more other than a stout HP in the NE.
  9. Euro is warmer than UK aloft so it depends on how the setup and details work out. NAVGEM is also fairly cold as well so Euro appears alone in that regard.
  10. Good thing that only lasts for a day or two
  11. NAVGEM for our storm.
  12. But this storm is moving through on Friday... two days after we have highs struggling to get above freezing and very COLD, DRY air in place. CAD may very well setup with the type of airmass in place AND the track is favorable to keep that cold in place. Many of our snowstorms here in Central and Eastern NC come from this classic Miller A setup. Lack of HP is the only thing missing but with the 50/50 low setting up and pressing down it should keep heights low enough along with the 500mb vort track.
  13. I’ll take my chances with a classic Miller A track and cold already in place.
  14. What basis do you have for this? There is PLENTY of cold on the 500mb map. This isn’t like our last system where we are waiting and hoping the cold arrives in time, it will already be in place and it’s a matter of how far south the energy digs. Verbatim, this track is a Central to Eastern NC crusher with 4-8” of snow.
  15. Here’s the UK precip map. Appears to be a legit NC threat.