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  1. It's tough to tell with an ERC going on
  2. I see the same thing. I thought it was tired eyes
  3. yeah the east coast. We are only under a tropical storm warning but it keeps getting closer and now that we are in a mobile home she is freaked. We went through Francis and Jeanne in our house with minor damage. She is afraid this storm is going to get closer with some hurricane force gusts which is iff in a fifth wheel.
  4. I think it's just about wobble tracking time kids.
  5. Do I have this right? Stronger cane more south and east or vice versus?
  6. I am confused why they didn’t shift further east
  7. I think we see a moderate shift to the east at 5pm looks like the euro scenario is starting to play out more so than the gfs
  8. Seems to me the models are shifting eastward. You should be in the clear. Curious to see what king euro does.
  9. Looking at some of the temps in spots further north shows that this is a pretty strong front
  10. Can’t wait to see what the models do with the gulf stream data
  11. Will rapid intensification have any thing to do with track
  12. Looks like nhc moved cone south it had Tampa in its cross hairs now it’s Sarasota for the 8pm update
  13. I think the nhc will keep the track the same splitting the gfs and the euro
  14. Wow Akeem...Glad I am not driving around was down there earlier today. Was just looking at radar. I think 10 inches is a good call by morning. with another 6-10 over the next two days.
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