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  1. especially considering it's all moving forward
  2. I definitely would like to see an example please.
  3. I'm still in, but not liking trends for imby.
  4. Happy birthday and/or Anniversary to you and/or whoever!
  5. I told some of my relatives over the summer that I thought they may see October snowfall in western New York.
  6. Hrs 96 to 120 on the 12Z euro goes from a ridge to a trough signal rather abruptly! 96 120
  7. That's where analog years can come in handy imo. Forecasting the exact timing of blocking to develop is nearly impossible, but analogs can give hints at whether we should anticipate blocking to develop in the longer range.
  8. It doesn't mean those of us who want to use analogs shouldn't.
  9. I'd rather see a stronger ridge to the north.
  10. I completely agree. Good analyses there!
  11. The left turn is clear, but she's way off the coast when it happens. I'm prepared to jump overboard.
  12. What a wacky way to swing and miss on the 0Z gfs!
  13. Disagree! Our WDI is trending the wrong way after our record +climo streak before last year. eta: WDI is a thing...
  14. I'm rooting for a negative tilt trough interaction.
  15. The euro has been hinting at a late left turn for multiple runs now.
  16. We've had Isabel, Irene, and Sandy over the last 15 years or so. Maria sounds like she'd mesh with the vibe.