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  1. It's amazing how the years you mentioned are still showing up in a big way! We need to take frequent screen shots of this post as it auto-updates!
  2. What are the times of the event and when does the call have to be made by? eta: GFS trend for tomorrow evening
  3. Sorry to hear the sad news. I've had similar circumstances over the last couple years and can imagine what you're going through. We all must stay strong. <3
  4. Anyone know of a weather forum that advocates for more realism? (Serious question, because that's what I'm here for.)
  5. Despite his company's issues, what I've always admired about WB's JB is his ability to asses current weather, compare it to similar analog patterns, and provide detailed analyses before looking at a single nwp map. His competitors are still playing catchup imo. Banter can be positive right?
  6. True long-rangers don't use climate models imo.
  7. DCA: 11/11 BWI: 10/21 IAD: 10/10 RIC: 11/11 Tiebreaker: 10
  8. What happened to our monthly long range threads?
  9. That may have so much meaning beyond these forums.
  10. Dang, you all beat me to it! Amwxer's should hype this thing like there's no tomorrow!
  11. Even if a tropical volcano erupts tomorrow, this winter wouldn't be impacted much in the States. Because of that, I vote to move the discussion to banter!
  12. Lee may have a better chance to fujiwhara around Maria than Jose. Not a bad look!
  13. Know of any open access journal reports from the 1963 eruption?
  14. My bad. I hope it was worth it to you all? lol eta: 11 pages might be a record for me
  15. What is that warming trekking east in the western Pacific and near the Date Line?! (link to full weekly loop
  16. 0Z gfs supports why we're here. (ninja Yoda)
  17. I thought you said they were a regular contributor? I didn't see it, so I'm not one to judge. I'm sure you've seen how I don't like seeing people getting called out so much. Your comment made me feel like it wasn't so extreme. I don't have a say.
  18. I see nothing wrong with that honestly.