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  1. I'm still too young to know who Pazzo is?...
  2. Imo, very few winters go without any blocking at some point between November and March.
  3. Man would it be cool if they mention the story behind historical first-attempts at geoengineering from way back when. eta: Why is this material so challenging to find?
  4. I noticed that favorable and unfavorable winter weak ninas here both tend to produce cold November patterns over this region. The next challenge is to find a warm weak nina November that was +snow for winter. I may eta what I find. eta: The only year I've found is 1964 (17")...Such limited analog anomalies are so fascinating to me!
  5. The following map will be a key indicator for what happens after next month!
  6. I've seen too much and have my towel hanging loosely over the edge.
  7. Sarcasm or not, one day I'll make this statement more true.
  8. Your response is inspirational. Me not understanding self-sufficiency well enough has been challenging even after my many years as a Boy Scout.
  9. Also, here's a fascinating read about that year!
  10. This is way off the deep end, but the one ideal parabolic nina winter for seasonal snowfall from Oct to March April was 1917-1918 (36" dca) eta: March was a dud
  11. Someone post the d10 eps so I don't get bashed for posting outside 7 days.
  12. You might want to consider leaving early.
  13. Thank you for posting that here over the main thread!
  14. I'll bite after in-range ensembles show it. eta: within a week out
  15. It's not easy to find years when the second half of October started off slightly cooler, became torchy briefly, then ended winter-like...
  16. I know how many of you hate me saying stuff like this, but facts matter. What's the percentage of posts from this thread that are about 2017-2018?...
  17. I prefer those over the randomness from CIPS imo.
  18. "Branded Intellectual Weenie" ftw!