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  1. You almost had me with a "like". lol eta: That storm originated in Texas.
  2. Man, y'alls memories are short. What happens before a majority of our MECS?... (not a forecast)
  3. It's possible, but the UHI may be making that less likely.
  4. Is that % or mph? eta: or both
  5. Oh Sandy... Not impacts-wise, but the GFS goofus is playing catch-up again with the left turn.
  6. There should be better ssta numbers before winter than after.
  7. You might want to crop that at the top. lol
  8. I was going to say, not a peep about the euro?!
  9. That is definitely a concern.
  10. To clarify, I believe everyone is generally on the same page for the long term pattern. What I was questioning was the "likely" "easy call" context. Bob said either yesterday or the day before how 2013-2014 was looking closer to what could develop later on. My goal moving forward will be to be as objective as possible without sounding so critical.
  11. Another interesting AFD to go along with it!
  12. I know how he feels. Sometimes my thoughts transfer to the keyboard too fast for these folks.
  13. November 2011 was a torch while November 2013 was an ice box. Showmethesnow is onto something!
  14. from mid-late Oct 2013 and most recent
  15. I guess this counts. It's interesting to see how localized the ridge is modeled to be situated surrounded by so many low height anomalies.
  16. Is it just me or is foliage better near the metros this year? Imby, some trees still show healthy green leaves, but just on the other side of the street the reds and yellows look amazing! As a side note, I have this random theory...the overall seasonal brightness can be used to forecast winter temperature anomalies. Hear me out. Because healthy vegetation relies on ideal temperature and precipitation patterns, one can hypothesize that greener growth late in autumn may imply warm signals in the longer range. I think precipitation during the middle of the summer allowed leaves to grow healthily and are lasting this late due to the warmth we've had since much of September, despite dryness over recent weeks. Perhaps those of us who haven't seen so much color would be most threatened by winter's vengeance?
  17. If this nino-like atmosphere continues along with the weak nina, I like our chances! That connection to the subtropics that continues to be modeled is definitely giving me a more bullish feel now.
  18. The tone of the way he made that announcement scares me.
  19. I thought more times than not the surface shows similar? (at least with Radarscope)
  20. Is there any way to extrapolate whether wind obs from apps are likely to reach the surface or not?