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  1. Intense rainfall in Williston park. These dews are working wonders
  2. Oh man tomorrow's gonna be so dewey. Can't wait for 80/78 tomorrow afternoon
  3. LGA is a sick sick place. 80 degree mins in May? That's like sub zero on thanksgiving
  4. Hrrr sounding says LGA hits 80
  5. 1/7 sure has been a cold one the last few years
  6. Last few Gfs runs show a 1040+ HP centered over Quebec on Sunday. That should keep our temps colder for X-mas if it were to verify
  7. Frozen mixing in here in Williston Park
  8. Queens macroburst of 2010
  9. waiting for this post-frontal storm to go full-frontal
  10. Light snow. Vis starting to drop...