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  1. Gwhizkids

    Winter Begins Jan 20th AWT

  2. Gwhizkids

    January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    I am in Litchfield County. Maybe somebody got 14". Hard to really tell with all the blowing, but I'd say I'm at 8-10" max. But the deform band is passing overhead for the second time today and we have +SN.
  3. Gwhizkids

    Major Hurricane Irma

    Ivan crossed near Atlanta in 2004. I lived in Alpharetta at the time. Big Creek (so called; normally you can jump over it) flooded big time. I believe we got close to a foot of rain over about a 12-15 hour period
  4. Remember, its not just a question of getting in - the airline does not want its equipment stranded there for several days. So, even if conditions are conducive to a safe landing, if the subsequent flight going out on that equipment is iffy, they'll just cancel the inbound and stage the aircraft elsewhere til things get cleaned up.
  5. Gwhizkids

    Model Mayhem VI

    300 miles? Try 25! Pouring in New Milford,CT and a foot of snow in Katonah, NY
  6. Gwhizkids

    Model Mayhem VI

    I think that this pretty much summarizes this whole forum since 2006 when I joined Eastern
  7. Gwhizkids

    Model Mayhem VI

    Yes, it will be quite nippy out. (please don't ban me for that. It was such a softball I couldn't pass it up!)
  8. Gwhizkids

    Model Mayhem VI

    You can do a human interest story on Erin to accompany this release.
  9. Gwhizkids

    Model Mayhem VI

    A very popular young lady on warm days!
  10. Gwhizkids

    Hurricane Hermine

    FWIW, waaaay inland in NW CT, we are starting to see the breeze pick up. Still only in the 10-15 kt range, but definitely more than we've had (prob helps that I'm at some elevation). Of course, its 100% sunny too!
  11. Gwhizkids

    No Joaquin the park forecast for Mets

    I have a daughter in GSP. I don't think she really grasps what's coming...
  12. Gwhizkids

    No Joaquin the park forecast for Mets

    Kev, I get that you're disappointed. But look at it objectively. Until there is overwhelming evidence that this thing is completely a non-threat to the US, what do you want people to do? If they went OTS right now and the thing somehow ended up in NY Harbor, you'd have a lot of dead NY'ers. If this were out at 50W, they probably already would have adjusted the cone to a NE/SW orientation. But its not. The NHC doesn't do their thing to make all us weenies happy. They do it to save lives.
  13. Gwhizkids

    No Joaquin the park forecast for Mets

    No doubt. But wouldn't more sensible course have been to keep the 2pm track (100 miles offshore)? Chessy interests are going to be freaking out over this, along with the scaredy-cats in the nation's capital.
  14. Gwhizkids

    No Joaquin the park forecast for Mets

    On a serious note, that is not a good track. Delmarva, NJ and LI are still going to get pounded. Surge running up Chesapeake Bay? Rowboat time in Baltimore and possibly DC before it passes to the east. Mountains of PA are going to get drenched.