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  1. Buy low; sell high. My $MDR calls about to print big boy bucks :]
  2. Eastern subtropics exhibits a positive correlation, in the domain of the AMO horseshoe. Western and central subtropics exhibits a far weaker correlation, so you can't group the entire subtropics as one whole like this.
  3. This feels like 2019, lol. MDR was a Sahara; comically dry from the Caribbean to Cape Verde, only through the C name and DEAD until late August.. but then what happened? Dorian happened.
  4. At least he taught me a new word today - "vamoose"
  5. Agree; the modoki look will get shredded once this new upwelling KW propagates to the point of emergence. Will very much look classic again then until the transition away in Winter begins IMO
  6. frankly none of us fixate on operational GFS 300-h forecasts quite like this
  7. Trades are only going to continue to rip as the MJO circles back to p4/5..
  8. Don't really have words for what we are witnessing.. I don't think I've seen anything quite like this before..
  9. The record-strong easterly wind stress has now resulted in the incredible initiation of an extremely potent upwelling Kelvin wave.
  10. Well, this does seems likely; after 3 years of La Nina it is likely to have exhausted itself and the El Nino response will probably initiate in Winter thru Spring 23
  11. Yeah surely 1080h will verify! 100% confidence
  12. Totally normal. June + July combined don't even account for 10% of climatological hurricane activity. Here's a gif of monthly 500mb heights, long term mean, 1991-2020 climo. Observe the yearly maxima in ridging in July. This is why right now is the peak of Saharan dust season (and also season cancel season). It's also why August onwards constitute about 93% of climatological hurricane activity.
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