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  1. https://twitter.com/nwshouston/status/1437149092979871745?s=21
  2. Other than the outer fortifications that have been made, the 3 flood gates on the canals through the city from Pontchartrain are the most impressive. That back flow of water from the lake back to the Mississippi River is what caused the breaches in the 17th street canal in 2005. I walked it all in September/October of 2005. I know. Banter. I went back after Isaac in 2012. The flood wall was crazy impressive. now back to storm mode…
  3. They have a $50B flood wall. New Orleans will not flood. A few roofs may get ripped off. But no surge. And we all know that is what causes loss of life. I apologize if this should be in banter thread.
  4. It appears that was what the Euro was hinting, down to 939, back up to over 950 down again into the 940s before landfall
  5. There are now flood gates at each of the 3 canal locations from Pontchartrain through the city.
  6. So you are saying there is a chance…
  7. He is already trying to wishcast it to the panhandle.
  8. Zetas forward speed lessened the effects.
  9. Wherever the LLC closes off is the key. Looks to be sooner than later and on the north side of the axis.
  10. That will test the $50B flood wall
  11. 18Z GFS coming in much stronger and northeast at hour 72
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