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  1. Good thing there's no virus banter in this thread.  People should come or come back to the ampol site.  Got my 1st Pfizer shot today at an Osco inside a Shaws.  Was pretty casual compared to what I've seen at the mass vaccination sites.  Was in and out in like 20 mins.  I'm happy to have gotten it and looking forward to getting the protection in a couple weeks.

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  2. 4 hours ago, dendrite said:

    Today was my 1st chance to register for the vax in NH (40+ and healthy). Got a slot today in Concord on day 1. I was on the fence about getting it, but screw it...get it done and over with. I'd rather get the vax rather than get the virus and deal with any possible effects from that. The long hauler symptoms seem pretty agonizing.

    Nice, my wife and I just scheduled for Saturday


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  3. I haven't gotten out a ton but the price makes it tempting to get the epic local again.  Maybe re-schedule my ill fated Tahoe trip originally planned for March '20.  Hadn't checked out Indypass before though, seems like a decent option especially since I usually end up spending at Pat's Peak a couple times since it's right down the street.  Anyone know when '21-22 pricing comes out?


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  4. On 3/22/2021 at 6:15 PM, powderfreak said:

    That describes the current situation pretty well.  The base area mazes, base lodges and indoor spaces are the target.  No one is telling anyone what to do once the chair leaves the terminal and you are up/out on the hill.  And by far the vast majority “get it” right now... go skiing, pull into the maze where it’s face covered time, then I go back up for another one.  Lots of grilling and tailgating in the parking lots... people still out there with grills when I just left the Mtn at 5:30pm.

    Its not like it was back in Dec/Jan when the ski areas just wanted to stay open and avoid some super-spreader event being traced to their practices (or lack thereof).  Many resort employees (older) and all ski patrol and stuff like that are vaccinated too... which has definitely cooled the vibe off too.

    Its still spring skiing and it’s still a fun laid back vibe.  The people dressed in gorilla,  Bigfoot, Borat and banana suits seem to be doing just fine, ha.

    I have been to Sunapee and Crotched recently and that was my experience too.  Good job skiers and Vail resorts or whoever is responsible. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    How often do you guys wax and sharpen your skis? I never used to ski more than a couple times a year so this never seemed like an issue. The beginning of season major tune up seemed fine. Now we ski five days a week. As always, the Internet has many opinions but some people take things like this overboard so what is the “normal” or average routine like? I have six pairs of skis to deal with so hoping to get by with not having to basically open my own tuning shop. :)  

    I am not noticing any issues with my skis. So maybe not even an issue?

    Get some Zardoz or similar for spring sticky snow.  If you're carving your turns and skiing aggressively you're going to appreciate a tune, if you're skidding not so much.  If I were out there 5 days a week I'd get a season tune pass.

  6. Just now, ScottieBird said:

    Ole Scottie Bird crossed Narragansett Bay and he's in NW RI. Snow intensity isn't as epic as I expected. It's snowing moderately to heavily but nothing we haven't seen before. About 7 OTG. Better than Newport LOL.

    Send some of that over to :cory:

    Seems he's surrounded with deep snow.

  7. 15 minutes ago, radarman said:

    Insanity.  Does Okemo allow big mountain snowmobiles?  I mean I don't know what else you could do with all that over there.

    Groom it down for the weekenders.  Place is mostly too flat for 4' powder skiing anyway.

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  8. I am loving the powered chute on my Craftsman snow thrower.  I thought it was a frivilous feature when I was shopping but it is really nice to have.  I think brand matters less than getting the largest machine possible.  My old smaller one was trash and this largest one they had is great.

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