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  1. I hate Bermuda as well... and it seems any new home that’s new construction ect or anything with Sod that’s what they just throw down .... and for 8/9 months a year it’s golden brown so idk
  2. Has anyone had any experience with “Tenacity”? I’ve wanted to try it .... I’ve been experimenting with “NeXT” system with the Air8/D-Thatch/Green Punch/Humic-DG too “Get my dirt right” as a Local YouTube Celeb would say and I have a thick stand of turf about 90% spread but that 10% of Random Weed is just annoying me.
  3. Exactly it’s been deadlocked across the board for 3 days now .... smh
  4. It’s not Wishcasting imo to assume something will happen in next 72-80hrs that has happened literally every storm this winter a high so strong it just squashes a LP all the way to Orlando/S FL yea.... ok lmao
  5. Lol yea..... CAN days “NOPE” guess we will see what EURO says
  6. It was definitely closer than The regular OP.
  7. HP so strong it pushes The Low all the way to Central Florida at Hr96 it just simply doesn’t look right
  8. I take it majority of ppl are of this thinking being there is literally no chatter in here for 8-10hrs at the time
  9. When WOW/GRIT show up I will get more excited since were neighbors lol
  10. I’d say we want it suppressed until Weds Jmo
  11. That’s all I want. Just a shot , something to track lol
  12. Exactly. I guess no one even cares sadly it’s not a bad look at all for 5 day out
  13. Yea I agree. I’d actually want it Suppressed until Tuesday jmo I think another thing we need to hope for is an Overnight event. I’m not a “Sun Angle” “Soil temp” guy but I won’t deny it would be rather Difficult at 3PM in Early March. Atleast we have something to keep an eye on that’s all we can ask for at this point
  14. My Vote is Indianapolis. Jk I’d much rather be in this Spot than looking Money 5/6 days out. It sounds Dumb but I used to only follow something if it was in Range for the NAM. (84hrs). Any later and it’s just wishful thinking I believe idk
  15. Yea I checked the 6Z GFS that High just squashed it
  16. Warm temps it’s like 48 and Cloudy no way we hit 68 today
  17. Sounds awesome only as long as it can be 33-36 degrees though
  18. Yea same 38 degree monsoon here at the Lake
  19. Anyone up between West Jefferson - ROA maybe “Buck MT” ? I see 32 readings under that bright band, I assume Sleet but idk
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