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  1. hoping all the guys and gals down east get a good snow from this one its well deserved.
  2. yea nam decreased precip shield from 0z run. esp for western areas
  3. looking ahead to mid to late next week if we could get the euro to verify we would all be happy \
  4. for the most part yes.. step in the wrong direction for most esp western folks
  5. guess we will see what the canadian and euro have to say next
  6. im in surry county northwest nc and i feel like this one is almost a done deal for being a miss. I am hoping folks elsewhere reel this one in however with these models who knows whats gonna happen. i'd be worried about this system getting to far suppressed for central and eastern nc but hopefully it wont
  7. yea many more east trends and several could be out of the game. but which model is right.
  8. New trend whatever run is best for your backyard it’s a trend lol just joking atleasf we have something to track unlike December
  9. If this was to verify I’d take my almost 6 and build a snowman LOL. But guess time will tell which solution will verify
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