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  1. Everything looks great models seem to be inline. hope this sucker hold together thru michigan
  2. Wow this is insane. Slept on the forecasts last few days but noticed this morning at work was unusually humid. i wonder if Detroit will be in the firing line??
  3. ahh everything is coming together good. what are the chances of the line holding all the way to Detroit?
  4. Now thats interesting.. I wonder what the next SPC outlook is going to be. Potentially a very active day ahead.
  5. hmm you got a good point. but with the uncertainty in the models it looks like another not so straight forward event. pretty dynamic atmosphere going on like june 10th. if the first batch dont stabilize too much i do wonder also if maybe a secondary MCS would come along?
  6. it dont look great for SE mich, unless its taylored to a more easterly direction and not propagating southeast
  7. of course things changing for the worse. one good blower for wayne county and ill shutup for the summer
  8. Ahh nice to see yall again. hope this time around don,t disappoint like that moderate risk day did. would not surprise me tho
  9. wayne county looks like its only getting light stuff. some bull. the line in canada looks good along with the one south in ohio.
  10. yeah i have noticed that too. for some reason they dance around. even kinda looks like it this time around too. hope the development to the south gets stronger
  11. im not far from there so im gonna head out. that line east looks slow moving. im looking at the storms at the indiana ohio border to hit where i live
  12. now that i think about it i wonder what the chances are of a 2nd line of storms forming in front of the approaching cold front?
  13. on the name note it mentions how lapse rates are lowering. i dont like that lol. i want the worst to come out
  14. yeah last night the cams went off. even had PDS TOR in my area i was very suprised. but i figured they would favor a more linear mode anyways just knowing how the weather up here is
  15. ahh the wind is fine by me. the area around metro Detroit just continues to get even more unstable. people on the weather channel even commented on that. nothing but hot sun and a occasional cloud where im at