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  1. Last summer was humid and very warm! I thought summer was never going to end!
  2. This would have been snow to rain with our luck!
  3. Let’s hope for a warm but not hot spring and summer those are always annoying. Especially if we’re going to be home. I’m beginning to get real depressed
  4. It can snow in May in Boulder Colorado. Such a nice town been there and loved it. Denver is nice too.
  5. You guys are so lucky, can’t buy an inch down here in New York. I hate this place
  6. I wonder how providence and Fox borough are doing with this event. Boston seems to have lighter rates where probably will not have that much accumulations
  7. 6 inches so far. I guess that’s it
  8. Its probably going to be white rain if it’s showing upper 30’s and the low scoots to our south. Watch for those suburbs like mahopac and Brewster for some accumulating snow Friday night
  9. Rainy windy day in midtown. Overall a hype over this storm. The thunderstorms may be over performers though later this afternoon
  10. Heavy rain and moderate winds in midtown. Nice day to be home but too bad I’m so called an essential worker. Oh well. Enjoy it if you are home!
  11. Nam shows some snow for us granted it’s white rain but that would make some people happy here for next week after this rainstorm.