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  1. Does it look like places in NW Georgia like....Paulding County Dallas ga ,Polk county Floyd county Rome ga ,areas get a hit from either of these two events?
  2. How far SW is it showing snow into Georgia?
  3. I don’t know about what’s going to happen for sure on or around January 3 but for right now it is 34 and a heavy sleet rain mix going on in Dallas Georgia and I do see a few flakes of snow. so the transition has begun in earnest. Might not be much or last long but, my seven and 10-year-old are having a ball just watching the sleet bounce around. I know that sounds weak but... hey we are in the south, the deep south that that. any little bit we can get Is much appreciate it... Especially for the kiddos !!
  4. Can someone post the 12Z HRRR, please and thanks
  5. Off topic a bit but...I live here in Dallas Georgia. I remember a few years back when we officially got 12 inches of snow and at the time my son was eight or 9 and I told him, remember this day, take pictures, enjoy it because, if you stay in this area for the rest of your life, you may never see anything like this again. Every since then he has complained about the lack of snow and I say to him ...I told you so.. LOL
  6. Can anyone post the latest run of the euro showing snow and the Piedmont?
  7. I know it is way early but can anyone post this... I am interested to see what it looks like
  8. I don't know much about this stuff so forgive me if I sound a little naive but... Does it look like the cold will already be in place when the moisture arrive or, will it be a situation where it changes from rain to snow?
  9. Who was that meant for I'm not understanding?